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Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
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Bec McMaster combines the very best of the old style vampire story with the faster pace of the more contemporary in her novel, Kiss of Steel. It's an entirely successful combination with the wonderfully eerie backdrop of London’s Whitechapel district creating a detailed, yet, never distracting backdrop. Honoria Todd is a clever but believable (especially for the time period) main character…and ‘Blade’ is both frightening and devastatingly attractive. This is a vastly different – yet somehow the same – London that we’ve imagined a thousand times as presented in the Victorian era, only …this is a London with a culture of blood.

Even though this will appeal to fans of the paranormal – the story isn’t confined to realms of paranormal, nor predictable in any way. The Duke of Vickers is an unexpected dark force in this – so the story is vastly more than the trial between a vampire and his victim. There are the ever-present dangers of the dark side of London, the endless sensual appeal of “Blade”.

Indeed, Honoria must battle and barter for her own protection – little imagining how she is insidiously being snared along the way. On the other hand, it seems easy for her enemies to underestimate her. But, who is the enemy? Everyone, and no one – this is a complex tale and few things are as they seem.

Kiss of Steel is more than a romance, and more than a vampire tale, although it will appeal to both. It’s ultimately Honoria’s story, her battle for triumph… or surrender. Riveting! Put it on your Must Read list.

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