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The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
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Sep 03, 2012

really liked it

After surviving The Stone, Rand and the others only sit still for a short time before a new dimension is added to the story. The world explands as they all have to travel to the barren desert wastelands to the east, where Rand must undergo trials to see if he is the prophesied savior of the desert peoples (Dune, anyone?). This is the book where some of the most interesting facts about Jordan's world are revealed, as Rand is subjected to the trials of Rhuidean and time jumps to witness the history of the almost Biblical fall of past civilizations, and how they tie to everthing in the world that he knows. He comes through it, amasses armies, and everything culminates in arguably the biggest Battle Royale in the series. In hindsight, this might be the book where Jordan should have started pulling on the reins a little bit and start trimming away the dead weight; instead, he keeps adding little side plots that will continue to linger for the rest of the series. Still, a great volume.
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Juliet I pin Book 5 as the origins of the problems, not Book 4 (although the seeds have definitely been planted).

This is my favorite book in the entire series. Oh man I always sob like a baby through the entire Battle of the Two Rivers and also the trek through Rhuidean.

Scott Yeah, those scenes through Rhuidean - I've always devoured those when I read them. Nevermind that it's when Mat really becomes the ultimate badass rogue, complete with slick hat and polearm.

Juliet UBR (ultimate badass rogue)--that's a helluva acronym.

Ok, I'll stop leaving comments on your Goodreads reviews so you don't have to take away time from reading A Memory of Light to respond to them...


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