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Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
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Dec 21, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult, unfinished
Read in December, 2008

Okay, I gave up on this. I initially picked Brisingr up not because I thought it would be amazing or even slightly better than the atrocity that was Eldest, but becuase I thought I would at least get some laughs out of it with minimal amounts of pain in my head.

The pain wasn't minimal. I gave this until pate 50 to have anything of worth happen or for Paolini to stop obsessively using long and awkwardly-placed words that just bogged down the prose rather than helping out any. I'm all for encouraging children and teens to have a dictionary with them while they're reading, but there are times when it just goes to the point of someone obviously trying to prove something. Paolini just comes off to me as trying to prove something...and I can't really say for certain what.

In the 50 pages I forced myself to suffer through, basically every paragraph had a ridiculous, silly, or just downright stupid metaphor or simile. Even poets don't use as many as Paolini finds necessary to shove in his text. It just gets to the point where they mean so little when used! And, even with all these poetic devices that Paolini shamelessly abuses, the overall tone of the novel is dry and just dull.

It's all about moderation. Similes, metaphors, vocabulary words...GREAT additions to novels, but when an author can't give a plot along with all of this, it's just ridiculous! Oh, and I'll admit I cheated. I peeked at reviews for this and upon discovering that there just IS NO plot at all in the novel, I didn't really see any reason to slog through something that I knew wouldn't pay off in the end... There are too many books in the world that I want to read to waste my time on something so long and so bad!
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12/21/2008 page 1
0.13% "Why, yes, I AM reading Brisingr just to see how bad it'll be. Already the first page has about 50 ridiculous adjectives, whoohoo!" 2 comments
12/22/2008 page 28
3.74% "Okay, this might be too full of stilted language and awful awful awful metaphors for me to actually slog through. Giving it until page 50..."

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Swankivy Very nice review. I'm still reading the monstrosity, and have begun to amuse myself by collecting a list of hackneyed similes and metaphors along the way. When I publish an essay about the book on my Web site, I'm going to post the list. I'm finding that a suspicious number of them make reference to gemstones or just stone. Glowing . . . LIKE RUBIES! Hard . . . AS IRON! Enough already.

Caroline Oh, I bet that will be a very entertaining list to read! Good luck slogging the rest of the way through it!

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