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The Dark Light by Sara Walsh
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Sep 02, 2012

it was ok
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Eh. Just ehhhh. While reading this book I paused periodically to say aloud to anyone around me, "I can't believe this character is so dumb." Mia, you were not trained to fight demons or use swords. Stop thinking that running into harm's way to help someone who is more capable of defending themselves is heroic. It is not. It is stupid. You are distracting them. Also, just because you are involved in an issue does not mean you have the "right" to go on a mission. No. You can come if you actually have a use that will help achieve your goal. How nice that you want to save your brother. Get out of the way and let the competent people do the job.

Walsh does a great job at making Mia helpless and clumsy- not like Bella Swan who just complains about being clumsy and occasionally tripping, more as a plot device to make her seem human and less like the vampires than anything else. Mia is just plain hopeless, but worse, she is in denial and won't get out of everyone else's way.

Mia, when told to be careful not to trip, looks so hard at her feet that she bangs her head and falls over. Mia, when being defended by other people, will jump into danger, swing her sword wildly, and trip over her own feet. Stay put, Mia! I was not rooting for Mia to succeed. I was rooting for her to get out of the way. But a book about a character who sits in the house waiting for all the supporting characters to solve her problems would be a really dumb book. So why make Mia the protagonist??? I ask you.

Mia does not relate normally to other people. I get that she had a messed up childhood, but she doesn't even act like someone in that situation would act. Her reaction to finding out more information about her father made absolutely no sense. I was baffled as to what she could possibly be thinking. She has a brain, right? (view spoiler))

Sol is your typical mysterious hot paranormal boy character. I was actually really slow at guessing his secrets- my fault, not the book's- it was totally obvious if I hadn't just assumed that nothing interesting was going to happen in the book.

I was not impressed by the plot or the world building. The concept of the alternate world was cool, but not developed at all. Super shallow. Lots of exposition. Ok, there's some kings and there's a bad guy who wants to let the worlds destroy each other and then rule over everything himself (this is not even a spoiler, seriously, its just obvious) and there's a lot of different species. That's nice. It's like lists of types and then one representative of each will appear and play a short role. That's it. The book would've had to be a lot longer to make any of the setting-details more vivid, at the rate things were going.

The extra star is because for some reason, I felt compelled to keep reading through all the agonizing-ness to find out what happened. So it had some kind of plot that kept the action moving. Still, I don't think I would've missed anything had I not read this at all.

One exception to all this negativity- there was one line that was really funny. Mia was opening bolts on prison doors to let out the prisoners "like an activist in an animal lab." Just a random surprising simile that made me grin. So, 2 stars. But I did not like this book.
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