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The Awakening / The Struggle by L.J. Smith
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Sep 01, 2012

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Read in July, 2012

I’ve already finished reading Vampire Diaries book one, and I was really surprised at myself because I’ve never felt so giggly over novel stories. I didn’t even feel anything when I was reading Twilight series but really, reading vampire diaries was a whole new experience. And I really love Damon’s character! Oh my gosh, I asserted here that I am really a fan of bad boys. I really like bad boys! Ah, but there’s one thing that keeps bothering me while I was still in the first few chapters, I FREAKIN LOVE MATT AND STEFAN TOGETHER! I was really shocked because Stefan and Matt has more chemistry than Stefan and Elena and I was like: “Okay”.

I am a fujoshi, this is my only reason why I think this way. But I really find Stefan and Matt cute together! Especially in the part where Stefan smiled because he felt like the relationship he has with Matt is a first, it was the first time he felt like he belonged. Matt is his first friend. Sweet! I fush, but I regret nothing. On the other hand I like DamonXElena pair, their so cute together, most especially in those times where Damon suddenly appears in Elena’s rescue. And that one instant where Damon was invited by Robert to their thanks giving party. I was really so full of emotions on that part, it felt like it was really fate that brought Damon and Elena together. And not to mention that part where Elena landed on Damon’s chest when she was about to fall from the roof! Ohmygash! Damon, ako nalang! Haha. On top of that is also the sexy description of Damon. His mischievous smile and his alluring eyes!

This is my first time smiling like an idiot because of a novel. I’m always reading tragedies, my last romance novel which I really liked was Granny Dan. I nearly cried while reading it, I was just holding my tears back. Crap. I think I’ll be able to enjoy this series if I’m able to read all of it. If I can’t take it anymore, I might order the following books after The Fury and the Dark Reunion. I’m kinda excited! Yeah! I’m currently reading The FURY and the Dark Union, and so far, I’ve been all giggly over Matt and Stefan, they are really my OTP! I want both of them to be together!!! \(@O@)/
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