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The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly
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Aug 30, 2012

really liked it

I have three confessions to make, first, I am a huge Michael Connelly fan and have been reading his Harry Bosch books for fourteen years and the second, I am a sucker for books that have been made into movies and always want to read the book first and finally, I enjoy watching Matthew McConaughey, so imagining the main character, Mickey Haller, in the image of Matthew McConaughey added points to Michael Connelly's book The Lincoln Lawyer.

Mickey Haller is a busy, ballsy defense lawyer who while he doesn't have many scruples, doesn't look down his nose at anyone. He sincerely tries to do his best job for his clients and is up front and honest with them about there chances and will so advise them. He sees is job as defense lawyers as knocking down the spinning plates of the prosecution's case until he has no case left.

Haller is quirky and has a great and interesting support group. He pretty much works out of his Lincoln limo which is driven by an ex-client of his and he owns three more Lincoln's which he purchased on discount and plans to use when the first reaches 60,000 miles.

His support group includes two ex-wives, one who is a top-notch prosecuting attorney and the other runs his office, a retired LAPD detective, who works for him investigating cases and a bail bondsman who refers clients to Haller.

Although, Haller doesn't have a lot of scruples he does need money and works hard to get it. When he lucks into a franchise case representing a high powered real estate agent in an assault and attempted rape case, he thinks that his financial troubles may be over, but little does he know his troubles are just beginning.

Now if that doesn't hook you into wanting to read The Lincoln Lawyer, I don't know what I can do to entice you.
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