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Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher
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Aug 30, 2012

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Read from August 30 to September 06, 2012

I'm a bit confused, to be frank. Don't get why it's called Calderon and don't have a clue what the Codex of Alera is either. I'm assuming that all will become clear. It's a tad long, I seem to have been reading it forever and I'm only on 60percent of it (ebook version) and I have to say that it suffers from ... how can one say.. inexperience?

There are several words Butcher uses which I think he thinks means otherwise than what they do - laconic for example. One character spouts a 26 word speech "laconically" and then "squints laconically" - I mean, how is THAT achieved?

But this was published in 2004, so it could easily have been written a lot earlier than that, but a good editor should have weeded that sort of nonsense out.

The other thing it suffers from, in my opinion, is FAR to much action. We all want a large dollop of action with fantasy books, and we expect it, but this is constant. They escape from the bad guys only to have to survive a sentient bitter storm, only to have to run away from more bad guys, only to be caught by more bad guys who then give them really Dangerous Stuff To Do... and so on and so on. I would have welcomed a nice sit down and chat around the campfire, or just some DIALOGUE rather than fighting, running, rinse and repeat rinse and repeat.

It is probably a symptom of Butcher's greenness though - the Dresden books were a little action-heavy to begin with and that ironed out, so perhaps this series does too. I'll keep reading.

It was ok - didn't change my view from above, am trying the next one now.

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