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The Shack by William Paul Young
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Dec 16, 2008

did not like it

I did NOT like this book. I kept hearing how good it was and got it from the library with no idea what it was about. The idea of a guy who loses faith in god because his child is abducted and then gets invited back to "the shack" where his daughter was found...this time to spend a weekend with god...is not my idea of appealing literature.
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message 22: by Pat (new) - rated it 1 star

Pat I agree with this - I never even finished it - not my cup of tea at all

message 21: by Emonahan50 (new)

Emonahan50 Jill, did not like this at all...if not Catholic, do not see others relating to the whole Trinity thing....would not recommend to anyone...all of my book club hated it..some didn't even finish it. Ellen

message 20: by Val (new) - rated it 3 stars

Val me too

Nyeisha (Bookbabe of Delaware) Well as a Christian, methodist. I loved the book. I took away from it what I needed to. I think it is a book that one must identify with. When I read it I was going through a tough time - it made me think of Christ/God in another light. I don't know. Everyone that I know thats read it liked it.

message 18: by Karen (new) - rated it 1 star

Karen I think you need a certain imagination and open mindedness to enjoy this one

Michelle Randall Not just open-mindness, but if you hae a bent against God in the first place, you are not going to understand or get the book. It was a soul touching experience for me, so much so I have read the book TWICE

message 16: by Cortney (new) - added it

Cortney If one is not a Christian or thinking of Christianity seriously, then they will not enjoy or grasp this book. It requires having the Holy Spirit inside of you, just like with the Bible.

Patty It is God. Not god. It makes all the difference.

Ryane I think it's beautiful. It's a story of coming to terms, acceptance of what has happened, forgiveness, and reestablishing a lost relationship with God.

message 13: by Debbie (new)

Debbie ingraham I did not enjoy this book either, I also picked it up because everyone was talking how great it was, I just didn't like it.

message 12: by Lisa (new)

Lisa 'The Shack' came highly recommended and I just couldn't finish it. Being a faithful Christian, I found the author's 'dumbing down' of how we view God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit fodder for a grade school audience, not to mention that I thought the writing itself was very amateurish. If you want to read excellent Christian writing, check out author Donald Miller. He never fails to impress and make you think deeper in a very authentic style.

Wilhemina I did not like this book. I was begining to think something was wrong with me, because of the many raving reviews I have heard. I got slightly past the section where Papa was cooking greens for Mac and I could take it no longer.......this is the first book I have actually quit reading without finishing in a long time.

Carrie Randolph I can't understand why you don't like this book. The story runs deeper than the abduction and murder of Missy. To me it taught me actually something I already knew. It just gave me clarification that belief is not a deep religion. That I can believe in God and know that in the end everything will be alright.

message 9: by Christina (new)

Christina It sounds to me like you didn't finish the book. When I first read it four years ago, I didn't like it either and didn't finish it. I picked it back up and started reading it again this year. I have two chapters left and you see Mackenzie change and begin to understand forgiveness. It is truly one of the best books I have ever read. It has taught me so much that I needed.

Joyce O'Neill I agree. I disliked this immensely.

Joyce O'Neill I agree. I disliked this immensely.

Beth Beverly This book was never intended to be published and he is not a professional novelist. My understanding is that he wrote this for his children during a time he was going though his own struggles and his family and friends encouraged him to have it published. I'm a little over halfway through and even though I am struggling a bit with this book I do understand what the author is trying to convey.

message 5: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Reyes Giving a book one star because it isn't appealing to YOU is completely & utterly RIDICULOUS !!

message 4: by Lynn (last edited Oct 01, 2016 04:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn You should have stuck with it and gave it a chance because it was a truly awesome book!!! I felt a real longing for Jesus Christ when I read it and was envious of Mack that he could be so up close and personal with Jesus. It makes you long to be with and have a relationship with the Lord. I think I'll read it again and again and again!!!!
I HIGHLY recommend it, especially to those who doubt there is a loving, caring 100% faithful God whose sole existence is for us to love him.

Lynn Danielle wrote: "Giving a book one star because it isn't appealing to YOU is completely & utterly RIDICULOUS !!"

I agree but some people give up to easily if the book doesn't reach out and grab them right away. I have learned through experience that you have to hold on because some books don't start out that well but definitely get better.

message 2: by Jan (new)

Jan Udenberg My first comment is God should be capitalized if referring to the one true God ; three in one,

Lynn Cortney wrote: "If one is not a Christian or thinking of Christianity seriously, then they will not enjoy or grasp this book. It requires having the Holy Spirit inside of you, just like with the Bible."
Very well said!!!!!

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