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A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth   Hunter
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Aug 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read in August, 2012

How the heck did this sweet gem almost slip under my radar? And at no cost!!! 

A Hidden Fire is probably the smartest book in it’s genre that I have read all year. It’s intellectual but lacks pretense. It’s sexy with a lot of class. The characters are intense and complex sans all of the annoying drama.

I simply fell in love with this book and let me tell you why. It takes its time and doesn’t rush the reader from one action packed scene to the next. The romance develops very slowly, but not too slow that you’re just fed up with all the tension. I found that I too wanted to slow down and take my time with this book. Just sit back and take it in slowly like a fine wine. And at 449 pages, it does not disappoint.

Are you hooked yet? You should be!

I appreciated all of the research, hard work and dedication that it must have taken to write this novel. The richness of history, language and literature, was so refreshing. I was very impressed . Like I stated before,! 

A Hidden Fire is a para-romance but it also falls into the Mystery category. Gio, being a finder/ tracker of lost and hidden treasures is on the hunt for his own lost piece of personal history. B is a librarian and helps Gio in his research and investigation. B also has a haunted past and hopes Gio can help her gain some understanding and closure so she can move on with her life.  I loved the pacing of trying to locate Gio’s lost past personal treasure as well as his struggle with his heart. These problems weren’t solved over night, and kudos for that. I mean why rush a good story, right?  B and Gio's working relationship, investigative work and developing romance spanned over a period of months. For me, that just made the story feel so real. 
 When I read quality of work like this it tells me that Elizabeth Hunter is a mature and confident writer. 

The characters B and Gio were so multi-faceted and alluring. They are very three-dimensional. I honestly I felt like I knew them and that I was right along side them through their whole journey. 

The supporting characters are quick witted and lovable. Almost like a favorite aunt or uncle. As a reader, I felt connected to the characters. I cared a lot about them. I wanted them to be successful. I wanted them to triumph. I felt heartache for Gio when... (oops I won’t give it away). Sorry, no spoilers here :)

Basically, A hidden Fire is a big fat hit in my book.  Check it out! It’s free for on Kindle at the moment. Why wouldn’t you?

5 stars for A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter!!!

I already have the rest of her series lined up in my queue to read. I am excited to see what becomes of B and Gio!
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