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Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory
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Aug 27, 2012

liked it

This was an interesting book, taking place mostly in the present, but the entire last portion taking place in the past (which continues into the next book).

I very much like the premise of these books and the characters are well defined and likeable (or unlikeable as the case may be!). Lots of action. Interesting situations. The writing style includes a lot of wonderful description and is often humerous. I should love them -- and I would if:

a) the main character weren't such a ditz. For someone as powerful as she is, she certainly doesn't seem to care much about learning to use the power. For someone who is as quick a study at magic as she is, she is totally clueless to what is going on around her. For someone who believes she is destined to be queen of the underworld, she spends as little time as possible learning about her people and cultures or developing the social skills needed for the job. And she allows herself to behave either like a lovesick schoolgirl with the two men to whom she is strongly attracted and like a first class bitch to those she isn't (except, of course, the ghost, who is probably the guy she ought to be in love with -- he certainly comes with the least baggage). She has shown very little real character growth throughout the series. Ditto of the main male character -- either he is the world's biggest commitment-phobe, the world's most damaged man, or he's just wishy-washy. And why are all the men in the "underworld" gorgeous (unless, of course, they are a millenia old or one of the bad guys)? Please .

b) I'd like to see some real grown up love scenes. No pulsing manhood, no tweaking nipples, no thrusting tongues. If I wanted to read soft porn I could read Fifty Shades of Grey -- or something with Fabio on the cover. It would be nice to see sex presented the way it really is rather than some bodice-ripping fantasy. The real thing doesn't need embellishment.

So, when I finish the next in the series (last now published), will I pre-order the one coming out end of the year? Probably. After that, if there isn't some sort of growth in the characters, I won't continue with this series.

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