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Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick
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*sigh* Who is this book written for? It can't be for the female population, at least, not the vast majority of females. I mean, sure, I like violence and gore but I'm an exception. Most women will cringe away from the blood and guts violence-pa-looza within the pages of this book. And because the first book in this series does pander to the female population, albeit in a bloody valentine type way, it is clearly more for teh ladies. This second book? I can't say. And honestly I don't want to know. 2 stars.
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Helen those with arrested development on body functions would like it. It's horrible.

message 2: by David (new)

David Anderson jesus i couldnt even read the first book

Melissa Nothing wrong with blood and guts if there is a point. But the blood and guts so far (about 60% done atm) seem to be pointless? Like the first book I felt the blood and guts scene were emphasis and trying to develop the world, but now they just seem pointless. Side note: I don't really think ladies are less inclined toward blood and guts. They just tend to want plot to come with it. So, far this book has had very little progression. So, blood and guts alone won't sell me on this book. I love me some gory zombie stories, but progression is important.

Sami B "a vast majority of females" God, news flash, EVERYONE likes action and gore equally. I can promise you you're "not like other girls" spiel does not make you special, honey. You are definitely NOT an exception. Most women don't even blink at the gore and guts of their favorite shows like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Most men can't even handle the sight of tampons, they're so squeamish. So it's not a question of gender vs gender in terms of who likes gore, it's a matter of including said gore in a TASTEFUL manor rather than throwing it in your face every other page. And for the record, books aren't gendered??? At least they aren't supposed to be. Girls like Harry Potter—violence included, and boys like Hunger Games—romance included. The audience is YA, that's really all you should be worried about.

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