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Sweetest Taboo by Eva Márquez
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Aug 27, 2012

really liked it
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★★★★ ! I´m a huge fan af books with a forbidden theme, so it was pretty obvious that I was gonna love this, And I was not disappointed. Sweetest Tabbo sucked me in right from the first page and I couldn´t for the life of me put it down. And when I wasn´t reading it, I wished I was.


This is Isabel Cruz's story. She´s 15 year old and is just about to start high school. On her first day she immediately sets her eyes on Tom Stevens. He is her swimcoach and more then twice her age, married with kids. What starts out as an innocent crush on Isabell´s part, soon becomes reality when it turns out that Tom shares her feelings. They start an dangerous affair that threatens both of them if they were ever discovered. The ilicit relationship has soon taken over Isabel´s whole world and she spends the next few years sneeking around, hiding from the authorities and lying to her family.

Since this book is told from Isabel´s POV, we got to know her pretty well. I liked her from the start. She appeared to be very mature for her age, and seemed very smart in her decisions. She sometimes frustrated me and made some bad judgement calls, but they are forgivable bacause of her age. But we really didn´t get to know so much about Tom. He genuinely seemed to love Isabel unconditionally, always made her feel safe, never pressured her into anything and always, always said the right things. But how do we know that he isn´t some older creep that gets his kicks by going after younger girls? We don´t and I think that was the authors intention. We just have to wait to Tainted Love to find out (it´s partly written in his POV.) When Isabel gets older, even she begin to have her doubts, especially when rumours about him having affairs with other school girs starts. And really? how realistic is it that a man in his late 30s falls head over heels in love with a fifteen year old, with a child? But I don´t care, love is love as far as I am concerned and age doesn´t matter.


I loved Eva Marquez`s writing, it really was excellent and made me feel that I was in Isabel´s shoes. Stolen glances, lingering touches, secret letters, fear of getting caught, lying to everyone. The fact that this is written from diary entries was something that i thought would bother me. But it didn´t AT ALL, and I even forgot that it was. I was too caught up in the story. This book literally made my heart stop and I fould't stop reading. It is very rare that a book has such an affect on me. I think I can count on my two hands when that has happened. I can honestly say that I loved everything about this book and it gave me all the feels. Everything from pissed of to swooning and butterflies. I loved the age gap between Tom and Isabel. But if you have a problem to read about cheatin, then concider yourself warned. And the same goes if you have a problemn with teacher-student relationships.
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1.0% "I'm in the worst book funk of my life so i'm rereading some of my favorites...and i love Tom and Isabel's love story..."
22.0% "...sigh...i LOVE this book, some may think it's creepy but i don't care, love is love. And i love Isabel. So strange for me to love a heroine, but i do!"
77.0% "LOVE this book!"
86.0% "Isabel, i really like you but your behaviour towards poor Tom makes me hate you."
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Natalie It is FINALLY up on amazon today!

Natalie But isn't that just the first few chapters?

Natalie Wow, it seems like the WHOLE book. Yay for us!! ...maybe not so yay for the author. But it costs $13 on amazon, and i am sorry but i'm not paying that..

Natalie yeah, it was too good to be true i guess....i really want the book so i guess i have to buy it...but why does it have to cost so much?

I hope you´ll like it btw. I´ll be stalking your updatea!

message 5: by Natalie (last edited Oct 11, 2012 08:22AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Natalie I can't lend my kindle books either. It should be really easy but i can't just figure it out, .:(
But thanks anyway...

message 6: by Liz (new)

Liz Natalie wrote: "I can't lend my kindle books either. It should be really easy but i can't just figure it out, .:(
But thanks anyway..."

Hi Natalie.. If you login to your amazon account, search for Manage my Kindle, go to your library, hoover over the Actions button on the book you want to lend, then if its available for lending it will say loan this title, and prompt you in the right direction.
Hope this helps

Natalie Thanks, but i already did that, but NONE of my books have that option or either i am really stupid. GAH, so annoying!!

message 8: by Tom (new)

Tom Natalie wrote: "Thanks, but i already did that, but NONE of my books have that option or either i am really stupid. GAH, so annoying!!"

Not all books are lendable and you can usually only lend them once. I bought a book for $12 once and it wasn't lendable but one of my $.99 books were???

message 9: by Liz (new)

Liz Natalie wrote: "Thanks, but i already did that, but NONE of my books have that option or either i am really stupid. GAH, so annoying!!"

No, it's not you.. sometimes I get the same thing. It could be an Amazon thing or publishers aren't allowing the option...

message 10: by Tom (new)

Tom The publishers set whether they are lendable or not.

message 12: by Kristin (KC) (new)

Kristin (KC) Great review! I was waiting to see what you thought of this. Glad you enjoyed it :) I'll have to try it soon...

Natalie Thanks kris.!! It was def a different but great read. I think you'll enjoy it, i really liked tom and isabel...

message 14: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva Márquez Hi Natalie,

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed Sweetest Taboo!

Do you mind leaving a review on Amazon and BN? I would very much appreciate it!



Many thanks!
Eva Márquez

Natalie sure!

Alexis *Reality Bites* Nice review, Natalie!!

Natalie i loved it, and i loved isabel and tom. you should def read it SOON!! and thanks!

message 18: by ✿Alyssa✿ (last edited Dec 12, 2012 05:43PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

 ✿Alyssa✿ Great review Nat! I can't wait to read this one- It's on my TBR List and it's such a relief to see that you loved it! I haven't seen any ratings or reviews since I first initially found out the book existed so I was a little nervous about it- I LOVE books that revolve around taboo subjects though! :)

Natalie I hope you love it too Alyssa. I'm a little sad that not more people have found this book because it really is worth reading. Maybe it is because of the age diff (15/37) but Eva handles that excellent and it is not weird to read about at all. Read it soon PLLEEAAASEEE!!! Can't wait to see what you think!!! (and i can send you a copy if you want)

Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads Great review Nat <3

Natalie Thanks Angie! are you planning on reading it?

Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads Natalie wrote: "Thanks Angie! are you planning on reading it?"

Yes as soon as I get some time! It sounds really, really good.

message 23: by Natalie (last edited Dec 17, 2012 09:17AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Natalie let me know if you need to lend it :)

message 24: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara Nat did you figure out how to lend thru kindle?

Natalie yes. i figured out that i can´t because i live in sweden but i can sent it thru gmail..

 ✿Alyssa✿ Natalie wrote: "I hope you love it too Alyssa. I'm a little sad that not more people have found this book because it really is worth reading. Maybe it is because of the age diff (15/37) but Eva handles that excell..."

Oh my gosh Natalie, if you could send me a copy that would be wonderful and I would be forever grateful! :-) ...The age difference most definitely won't bother me- I think that's one thing that makes this story such a taboo subject! *SQUUUEEE!* ...I seriously can't wait to read it and I'm really happy that you loved it!

Pinkcaramel Ahhh!!! You make me want to read this!!! Need a bit of adjustment after Kellan and Jesse (conquest)...though.. Lol!!!

Pinkcaramel Oh noooo...I've to hold my "fleeting" heart from another book, in order to stop myself from diving into this right away!!! I'm already in love as I read the reviews again!!!

message 29: by Christy (new) - added it

Christy Just added this one... :)

Natalie CANNOT wait for you to read it!!!

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* Well... do they have a relationship while she's 15 and he's with his wife and kids??? I love Forbidden stories but... not sure about this one.

Great review, Natalie! x

Natalie Yup, it's not for everyone but I totally loved it :)

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* OH MY! I just added it because I love Forbidden stories but she's 15!!! Oh well, I have to read it! ;) x

message 34: by kris (new) - added it

kris Great review Natalie :)

Natalie Thanks Kristina!!

SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ A super review Natalie!

Natalie Thanks SueBee!!

message 38: by Debra (new) - added it

Debra Wonderful review, Natalie! :-)

Natalie Thanks so much Debra!

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