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Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx
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The beautiful love story almost identical to the movie about Ennos and Jack. The two men fall into forbidden love one summer while working as sheep herders on a ranch. They both claim they aren't "queer" and both marry and have children. But they get away from their families once or twice every year to see each other. Jack wants them to abandon their charade and be together despite all the negativity and static they will get from other people. Ennos doesn't want to risk it because he cares for Jack so much. Years pass, and then Jack dies suddenly. Ennos calls Jack's wife, who tells him that Jack was killed trying to change a tire that exploded. But Ennos is very suspicious and thinks of the story about an old male cowboy couple who tried to have what Jack wanted to have with Ennos, i.e. a real relationship in a place of their own. One of the cowboys was beaten with a tire iron and left bleed to death in a ditch. The story ends with Ennos going to Jack's parents' house and finding an old shirt that Jack kept from their time on the ranch. The shirt had blood on it from the time they got into a fist fight.

I really enjoyed the story. I thought it was beautiful and ponigant.
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