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Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Aug 26, 2012

really liked it

I loved the alternate universe of Every Other Day - where things like hellhounds, chupacabras and basilisks are an everyday part of life, and even protected by the government. But also there are no sexy threatening supernatural boyfriends! Always makes me happy when there aren't any of them. I thought it was original and refreshing and it did not go in the direction I thought it was going in at any point during the novel. Usually I can figure out how a book will end about fifty pages in, but not with this book.

I loved the various hunting scenes. The bit with the basilisk! The part with the zombies! It's a very strong novel plot-wise. There are plenty of endearing but less-developed characters, which makes me wonder whether this is the beginning of the series - there are clues at the end that it perhaps is, which is exciting, because I'd very much like to read more novels set in this world. I would have preferred a bit more character development, though - there's a particular point where being invested emotionally is important, and I wasn't, and perhaps that event was not that necessary - other revelations overshadowed it. (I am trying not to be spoiler-iffic here. If you have read the book hopefully you will know what I am talking about.) I think it's hard to pack in that amount of plot + world-building + tight timeframe and also have a full cast of well-rounded characters in one book.

Worth picking up if you like paranormal romance but are not as keen on the romance part! If you mainly like the parts with creatures and fighting and such, this is for you. Also there's a conspiracy and an ice dragon and a lot of very interesting twists.

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