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Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis
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Aug 25, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** This book had a good premise, but I couldn't get over the fact that Elyse was so judgmental about herself and other girls throughout the novel. I understand feeling uncomfortable in a strange body, but she glamorizes certain things and does quite a bit of slut-shaming and projecting body image issues. She thinks she can't be powerful because she's short? "I can't keep imagining I'm big and powerful when I know the truth" (56). Seriously? I get that the author might be trying to pump up us brunette bookworms who aren't the popular girls in school, but this method just doesn't work. I liked the plot of the novel but Elyse's constant surprise that she was a "mean girl" was tiring and frustrating-- Elyse, you are a mean girl! Short, curvy, blond cheerleaders can be heroes, too. 2 stars because of the premise and the fact that I didn't mind the different POVs, something that usually bothers me but was executed pretty well here.

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