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Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd
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Aug 25, 2012

really liked it
Read from August 31 to September 01, 2012

Holy shizz…Stalk Me was totally unexpected! I knew this was YA novel (definitely a mature YA) but did not expect to be so drawn to the story. I could not put it down. Oh to be fly on the wall of Jillian Dodd’s mind. There are no lulls in this book–at all. This book goes from zero to hot sexy and bold right from the first pages!Keaton is the 16-year-old daughter of a famous actress. Her step dad is equally in the spotlight too. Keatyn enjoys the perks of being in a celebrity family. She just doesn’t want to be known for being in one. Keatyn just wants to be her own person who can get out from the very large shadow her parents cast. Or does she? Keatyn’s friends are all about climbing up the popularity ladder and will do almost anything to stay at the top. Keaton isn’t quite sure how she feels about this. On one hand she wants to remain popular. On the other, she does not want to be popular on bitch merits. Keatyn is gorgeous. She loves her designer wardrobe and fancy cars. She also loves her little sisters and her family.Keaton has finally broken up with her long-term boyfriend, and can now pursue the boy she has been in love with forever. But which boy is it? There’s B, who is gorgeous and spends his days surfing the best waves. She can be herself around him and just hang out, surfing and relaxing. He doesn’t expect her to behave a certain way or does he? Then there’s Cush, they’ve been friends forever. He sees her as Keatyn not her famous mother’s daughter. He’s a player and could never have any real feelings for Keatyn. Or could he?Through a series of events that could wreak havoc on a 16 year old’s social life and reputation, Keatyn finally thinks she has found where her heart belongs. She is finally going to be happy and start her junior year on her terms with the boy she knows is for her.But being a celebrity’s daughter doesn’t t come without its own drama and chaos.Keatyn has always written her life’s script. She is learning that there always edits and rewrites; and sometimes you just have to throw that script out and start over.Jillian Dodd wrote this story giving the reader lots to laugh about, lots to shake your head at, and even to cry about. Keatyn’s script is a comedy,thriller, trashy B movie, drama and romance all in one. Her characters were right out of a high school’s gossip circles. You fell in love with most and hated a few. The boys were deliciously sexy, the girls were gorgeous and bitchy. It equalled any given day of a teenage life– right? You will love the ride Dodd takes you on and will not want to stop. Every page has you engaged and wanting more. The Keatyn Chronicles are going to get even more interesting. Can’t wait for the next installment! What will Keatyn write for her next starring role?

*** Although the main characters are still in high school, there is mature content and suggestive scenes that may not be suitable for all YA readers.***
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