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Bleachers by John Grisham
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Dec 12, 2008

Read in November, 2008

Jonathan Boyer

Mrs. Baltz

Pre AP English 10

12 December 2008

Bleachers by John Grisham

If you gave ever watched a high school football game, then you will know how they are filled with intense moments and not so intense ones. For coach Eddie Rake his life has been dedicated to high school football and some what reflects some of the high intensity moments and the not so intense moments. Author John Grisham gives you a look at a small southern town in a crisis as there most favored coach lies on his death bed.

Neely Crenshaw was an all American quarter back and was destined for fame. When in a game near the end of his high school career and getting ready for a collage team position when he was hit late in a play that severely messed up his right knee. After the hit and his career were over Neely moved away to another town. Neely was confused on if he liked Coach Rake or if he should hate him. After receiving news that his old coach is on his brink with death he returns to the town of Messina. Upon his return news spread quick of the once all American being back. The little town becomes very delighted to see him. While every were he goes he finds someone who knows him he cant get coach of his mind.

The little town on Messina revolves around foot ball. When coach Eddie is hospitalized and a new coach takes his place things get really bad. The messina Spartans suffer from a losing season. This season is also the first in the schools history that the Spartans wont be going to the play offs. For the new coach he has to endure the humility and take the blame for the losing season.

Coach Eddie Rake is a do things his way kind of guy. Coach has no real plans he just does it and usually succeeds. Coach can make his self look like a real good guy and then he can make you angrier than you have ever been. Coach had a personality all to his self. One day he acted like he was just the world’s most jolly person then the next he would be angrier than a bull.

Neely is a guy you can get along with and is very out going. He is a grudge holder kind of person to. When neely gets hurt he holds everyone responsible but him self. Thus being his reason for moving away and not knowing if he should for give coach or hate him. While Neely sits on the old bleachers at the football field he sits and talks to some old friends. The lights around the field stay on during the night to signal that Eddie is still with them. When the lights go off it signals that Eddie has passed away. Now as Neely sits under the lights he has too make one of his biggest decisions. Will he forgive eddies or keep this grudge.

The overall theme of this story is to not run away form your problems. If you have some problems no matter what size it can be worked out. This book I would recommend it to people who like sports and drama. I personally did not like this book and would not recommend it to someone who doesn’t like a lot of drama.
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