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What a Texas Girl Wants by Kristina Knight
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Aug 23, 2012

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** After indulging in rum, vodka and tequila, two college friends wake up on a Mexican beach with more than a hangover. In Kristina Knight's What a Texas Girl Wants, Kathleen Witte and Jackson Taylor are less than thrilled to find themselves hitched at the end of a multi-day bender.

Kathleen considers marriage an irresponsible act that may cost her inheritance: her family's horse ranch near San Antonio. Not to mention, she is embarrassed to find herself attached to the man she foolishly crushed on her freshman year of college. Jackson has no plans to tie himself down to Kathleen or anyone, instead planning to live the single life.

For their own reasons, Kathleen and Jackson decide to keep up the pretenses of their marriage for a few weeks, until each can take care of personal business, which a quickie divorce might disrupt.

While pretending to be a happily settled couple in their honeymoon period, Kathleen and Jackson each find themselves feeling more than either intended.

I'm a sucker for romance novels, especially one where long-time acquaintances unexpectedly find themselves together -- especially in a legally binding sense. What a Texas Girl Wants delivers on what it promises as a quick and entertaining category romance. A fun story idea, it was a quick read, though a little predictable.

A little heavy on background too soon in the story, I would have liked to see the circumstances of Kathleen and Jackson's respective histories -- both together and on their own -- revealed later in the story at a slower pace. The natural obstacles between the characters was believable, especially with the supporting characters in place to add tension.

I did find myself questioning how Kathleen and Jackson's relationship progressed once they reconnected in Mexico. Chalked up to forgotten memories courtesy of too much alcohol, most of their memories from their first few days together are hazy or plain lost. Both had latent feelings remaining from their college days, but what was it that happened during their reunion in Mexico that led them to jumping into bed, and ultimately, marriage with each other? I don't need to know every detail, but a little more development here would have been nice.

As far as characters go, Kathleen and Jackson were likeable, which made rooting for them easy to do.

Always a fan of a good cowboy and cowgirl story set in the Texas hills, I enjoyed the hours spent reading What a Texas Girl Wants and would check out another Knight novel in the future.

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