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Exile by R.A. Salvatore
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Dec 11, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: forgotten-realms

In this book Drizzt is alone in the wild underdark. Through necessity, he takes on the alter ego of the "Hunter"; a primortal version of himself that functions on a higher level of physical prowess to cope with the constant dangers of the underdark. However, as he hones his swordsmanship and stelth, he starts to lose his humanity and is becoming more like the monsters he is forced to fight. Gwen, his magical panther compainion, can only stay on the prime material plane for a short while and then must rest in the astral plane for several days. Drizzt finds himself alone too often and slipping deeper into the Hunter's aspect. To save his spirit, he risks his skin. Drizzt decides to go to a Deep Gnome city and see if he can stave off his loneliness. Eventually, the kind gnomes warily accept him, he makes a friend of a gnome he saved in the first book, and the two set out into the underdark again to make a home for themselves. They fight a crazy mage and make friends with a polymorphed Hookhorror. Drizzt sees his own inner struggle with the Hookhorror, once a kind earth spirit (kinda like a elemental nimph...) who is clinging to his humanity as the transformaiton is taking over his mind and spirit. Eventually Drizzt and gnome kill him...Next they are taken captive by Mind Flayers and forced to serve the dominering masters in the arena and massaging a giant brain that is the hive mind of all the MF's. Zak, Drizzt dead father, has been reanimated by Malice, his mother, and sent to kill Drizzt to apease the goddess Lloth. Eventually, the two fight and Drizzt wins. He decides to try his luck on the surface world to escape the far reaching clutches of his family.
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