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Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs
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Dec 10, 2008

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Think of this book as one of the Percy Jackson books rewritten for an audience of teenage girls. Phoebe, a pretty normal teen with a fairly normal life with her mom, has to cope with her life being totally upended as she finds herself having to be the only "normal' kid at a school for the superpowered descendants of Greek gods and goddesses. Unlike the Percy Jackson books however, the mythology here feel like it was incorporated more as a fun gimmick than out of any real interest on the author's part, so for anyone with more than a very, very passing curiosity or interest in Greek mythology should take a pass. The real head honchos from Mt. Olympus never make a single appearance and with all the restrictions the school places on the teens' powers, there isn't really even much in the way of stupid demigod (and -goddess) tricks. What's left is a pretty average teen romance with an average girl and the hotshot bad boy, a sassy and supportive best friend, and minor parental drama.

That being said, it reads a lot like any number of Sarah Mlynowski or Meg Cabot's YA books: fast, lighthearted, with a likable cast of characters who all sound pretty natural and authentic, with a relatable everyteen protagonist heading it up. So for girls who can't get enough of that breezy teen rom-com vibe , they'll probably eat this one up just as quickly.


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