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Dec 10, 2008

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** spoiler alert ** I really liked the first book, and I liked the second book a little (although it seemed repetitive), but I was disappointed with this one. I have a hard time knowing how to rate it!

On the one hand, the story is very creative. It was fascinating to read from a 'super human' point of view with Tally scaling walls and jumping up trees. However, she is no longer someone you can relate to - or even like! You pity her because all of her choices lead to more heartache and disaster (for her and everyone around her). I was hoping that in the end you would see how her choices actually made the world a better place, but I was disappointed in that as well.

I wish David and Zane had been more important characters. Maybe one of them could have helped her 'overcome' her brainwashing without medication or something. Ending up with David was a cop out because she no longer even likes him. I didn't actually like the end at all. Tally doesn't seem to overcome her brainwashing at all. She still sees herself as above everyone. Throughout the series, the goal of the characters is to break free from mind control. Instead Tally puts a different kind of enforced control over them.

The end was too preachy. I consider myself an environmentalist, but it was too much. While reading the first book, I thought Scott Westerfeld was able to incorporate a lot of good discussion points (the environment, judging people by their looks, agency, etc). This one seems to be all about the environment. It had the potential of Tally learning to love someone even though her body was 'better', but he missed that altogether.

My last complaint - why cutting? How sick is that? Kissing worked better anyway! :)

I'm giving it 3 stars because, even with all my criticisms, it was hard to put down and I'm glad I read it (I cannot stand leaving any series unfinished!)
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