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Inbetween by Tara A. Fuller
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Aug 22, 2012

really liked it

I really liked Inbetween! The story itself, was pretty nice. I enjoyed reading about the different characters, especially Finn and Emma. They both in ways, are different, and reading from both of their POVs was really great and I think necessary because it's both of their story. The girl, Allison, whom Finn has loved for years is not with him anymore, because now she is living as... Emma, and even after saving her from a car crash that unfortunately took her father, two years later, he is still watching her from a distance, and I thought that was pretty endearing. It might sound creepish but I think it's sweet, because he, Finn, a reaper, has finally found his love, and some way or another, he is going to try to somehow communicate with her.

Now, Emma, has no idea at first who this cute guy with green eyes, who has saved her twice, is. When they actually really get to know each other, she tries to understand Finn, and what he is saying; that he's only a soul, and is not alive. Poor Emma; I felt for her at times, because of the trauma she faced when she lost her father; she even had to go to a mental institution for a few months, what that's just pretty hard. Aww well at least she has a good friend, Cash, who is really like a brother to her, and is her next door neighbor. Cash is definitely a great character, that I loved reading!

Anyways, as the story goes, there are perfect amounts of flashbacks, when Emma was well Allison, and I understand some of the decisions that Finn made that made Allison, Emma. Their romance was nice and sweet and there was definitely some tension there, oh yes! There was of of course a good dose of conflict, so what out for someone who intends on killing Emma! Lastly, what I really liked was the ending; I really just loved it. Something extraordinary happens, something that from the beginning you might wish happen, but it probably won't but when it actually does happen, wow! It was just perfect and I think it ends with new questions and possibilities for the next book, and that is one I will be looking out for! (A Free Copy Was Provided For Review Purposes)
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