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My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr
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Aug 22, 2012

really liked it
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Read on October 22, 2012

Angie LeCroix has come to Virgin River for some rest and relaxation. Recently she was in a terrible car accident which left her severely injured and having to learn to do the simplest of things, like walking, all over again. It’s made her take stock of her life and question what she wants to do with it. Once always so focused on becoming a doctor, Angie has taken some leave from medical school, something that doesn’t sit well with her mother. She thinks that the accident is making Angie act differently and wants to get her in to see specialists but Angie just wants some peace and quiet and some time to think. So it’s off to visit Virgin River and see her Uncle Jack, his wife Mel and their kids and also her Aunt Bree and her husband Mike and their daughter.

Patrick Riordan is the last of his family to still be swinging it bachelor style. Recently he suffered a traumatic loss when his fellow Navy pilot and best friend was shot down during a mission. His current girlfriend also broke up with him and Patrick now has some generous leave from the Navy to sort his head out before he makes up his mind whether or not he wants to take up a squadron or cash out of the Navy altogether. He’s been going through some things and some time up in Virgin River, in his brother and sister-in-law’s remote cabin is just what he needs. He’s close enough to his brothers Luke and Colin so that his family won’t make a fuss and track him down, but he’s also got the chance to take in plenty of solitude.

Patrick and Angie thought the both wanted to just be left alone this Christmas – but that’s until they set eyes on each other. Their attraction is immediate and even though they both know it can only be temporary (they both have plans for the future) it’s clear that they can enjoy the present. And it seems like everyone in Virgin River has a say about their hooking up, not least of all Angie’s Uncle Jack who is having a rather difficult time with the fact this his young niece is all grown up now, ready and able to make her own decisions about life. Tired of being treated like a child who doesn’t know what she’s doing, Angie plunges headlong into an affair with Patrick, knowing that she could very well lose her head -and her heart- to this man who seems to be committed elsewhere.

My Kind Of Christmas is the 20th installment in the Virgin River series that I began reading around 18 months ago. It’s a series that has maintained a fairly steady quality rate – a few have been slightly below par but on average, the books are fun and enjoyable with a relatively simple and very predictable story line.

In this one we’re introduced to Angie LeCroix, 23 and the niece of the unofficial mayor of Virgin River, Jack Sheridan. The ‘hero’ in the very first Virgin River novel, Jack has been an ever-present figure in all of the subsequent books as he owns Jack’s Bar and Grill, basically the only place the citizens of the small town can get a drink or something to eat. It’s the social hub of the town and where a lot of the interactions take place between characters, which suits Jack just fine because so far he’s never met something he didn’t like to meddle in and his niece’s budding attraction and relationship with Patrick Riordan is no exception. It almost got to be annoying, everyone treating Angie like she was 14 instead of 23. I get that she’d had an accident and was recovering, but she didn’t get a lobotomy. She’s an adult perfectly capable of making her own decisions – thankfully they reined it in just before it got to the ridiculous stage but it made me doubly glad that people in my family mind their own business.

Patrick is the last of the five Riordan brothers to get his story, so far we’ve already seen Luke, Sean, Adrian and Colin fall on their swords in Virgin River and the books featuring Riordan boys have been some of my favourites. I really liked Patrick, although I thought a couple of times he needed a good smack upside the head for good intentions but totally unrealistic! He thought he was going to do the right thing but in all honestly his plan would never have worked and he’d have just made himself and someone else miserable most likely. He met Angie at just the right time to prevent that from happening and thankfully his connection with her finally helped him see that there was more to life than duty and that love had a very important place.

This wasn’t one of my favourites in the series but it was a pretty solid one – I’d have liked to see a little bit more Patrick and Angie to be honest, and a little bit less everybody else. I know Angie has a big, extended family who all have opinions but I’m more interested in the story of the two people that are finding each other, not what everyone else has to say about it, be it good or bad.
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