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Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indriðason
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Aug 21, 2012

really liked it

I have never really wanted to finish a book like I did this. it wasn't a bad book, but the subject matter was.
it resolved around domestic violence, to the mother and her children. It brought back very bad memories as I suffered from it myself, my step mother. The story resolves around three key points. Erlendur's daughter, the skeleton found it is unknown till the end the gender of it. Also the disappearance of a woman 60 years ago.
Indridason weaves the story well, as we see the back story to the violence woven between the looking for the missing woman. It is claimed early on she threw herself into the sea. The woman's niece claims hat her fianceé would never have harmed her.
We learn of something of Erlendur's past, too. Not giving spoilers or doing a hide. But it is good. Or bad. There are some tender moments wit Erlendur and his daughter, and we delve deeper into why Erlendur left his wife.
The case moves along slowly, this is down to the excavation of the skeleton. I found this rather a drag, it was almost as if the author was using this as an excuse to drag the story line out.
Sadly Indridason almost seemed to revel in the abuse, it wasn't graphic, thankfully. But it seemed to be...used as a reason to beat down the family. I found it nauseating. The case for the missing woman though was clever. From every circle we find she had committed suicide. But did she? There seemed to be reasons to doubt this. as they probed deeper. Secrets arose, they started to throw shadows and doubt to the police. The family kept claiming she had drowned herself.
Then finally after several days the skeleton is finally fully unearthed. The disbelief hits them all.
Read and find out what, it's a cracker.

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