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Redwood Pack, Vol. 1 by Carrie Ann Ryan
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Aug 21, 2012

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An Alpha's Path

Starts off with Kade and Melanie. They meet on a blind date. Kade is the Alpha of the Redwood werewolves, Melanie has no idea they exist. They meet and the sparks fly. An amazing night together, one that has both of them dreaming and wanting more. Kade has found a possible mate. But he has been through this before, she still has a choice. Melanie is also the possible mate to another. Will Melanie be able to accept that werewolves even exist? Will Kade's love be enough?

Even though Melanie is frustrating and we know she should just accept his love and forget everything else. I know if I were in the same spot, I don' know what I would have chosen. Melanie come form a science back ground and werewolves DO NOT EXIST in her world!! In the end a great start to a series. Kept me interested and wanting more.

Taste for a Mate

Working and owning a bakery is all Willow wants to do. Jasper, a very cute man she is attracted to has been coming in everyday for breakfast. Willow has no clue the town is full of werewolves from the redwood pack. Jasper's wolf wants to mark Willow as mate. He is afraid of frightening her. He knows she does not know of werewolves. Finally he asks her out and she accepts and is excited to go with him. When Willow goes to close up, several men abduct her. They keep mentioning Jasper and how he hard marked her. The only thing he had done was wipe flour off her face, she didn't understand. She is terrified and knows they are going to torture and kill her. The kidnappers bring her back to the leaders of a opposing pack. She learns real quick that werewolves do exist and are not just from legends. Jasper goes to pick Willow up and sees her store is torn up and she is gone. His werewolf nose kicks in and he knows who took her. Will he get to Willow in time? The drive to find his mate and to save her is over powering. But the opposing pack may be using Willow to get Jasper (the beta) right were they want him. Kidnapping Willow is not the only thing they are doing to try to take out the Redwood pack.

The story is fast paced and very action packed. The opposing pack is just EVIL! You are on pins and needles wanting Jasper to hurry up and get to Willow. Willow has a strong will and when her mind is made up sticks with it. Jasper just wants his mate and will do anything to get her to safely. Awesome read. Makes you fall in love with the redwood pack. Huge cliffhanger...mad but excited to read book 3!

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