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Aug 21, 2012

did not like it
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Recommended for: investigate further!

I've been dreading reading this book. My first exposure to this incredible tale was through You Tube and the nine part series of 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy.' Episode eight, 'The Love Affair' is the story of Lee Oswald and the author of this book Judyth Vary Baker. I also chased this through the podcasts on Jim Fetzer's 'Real Deal'.
'Me and Lee-How I came to love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald' (2010) is totally unlike anything previously written in the JFK conspiracy genre.
There is no defector in Russia, no counting shots in Dealey Plaza, no medical investigation at Parkland or Bethesda, no murder investigations for Tippit and Ruby. Instead we have a mind bewildering autobiography told with a memory full of intricate detail that culminates in New Orleans through the summer of 1963. Part Mills and Boon love story and part covert intelligence op. These Nawlins revelations skipped under the radar of Jim Garrison's investigations in 1967, and have largely remained hidden from the public at large.
Ed Haslam who writes the Foreword, published 'Dr Mary's Monkey' in 2007, an investigation into the death of Dr Mary Sherman in 1964, which is part of Vary Baker's story.
I can't agree with Jim Marrs' Afterword when he writes, "But can we ever really know the truth? I say yes, by studying the wide array of information now available, thinking for ourselves, and listening to the impassioned, unflinching voice of Judy Vary Baker".

Addendum:-I have investigated around this fantastic tale since reading the book, I have also briefly met the author and have had some contact on internet sites.
Just like Ron Lewis' 'Flashback', these 'I was there' tomes lack corroborative detail. I must disagree with Jim Marrs' Afterword. Can we ever really know the truth? I say no. However, if the reader thinks for his or her self, there remains too many fantastic details woven into the time spent by Oswald in New Orleans. In short, I don't accept the 'cancer bioweapon' tale and I don't respect anyone who claims to have assisted in the murder of an innocent prison inmate, while claiming to be in the catholic faith. I do not believe the impassioned, unflinching voice of Judyth Vary Baker. She has a reputation on other internet sites as well as Goodreads of attacking peoples views that do not agree with her story with insults and highly derogatory comments, which in my experience does not happen with any other author of any book of any kind. In short she acts like a full time vicious internet troll. I know of other instances from people who have experienced similar attacks, not just on GR's. She also makes it her business to give 'likes' to all reviews that support her tale. For those reasons I happily further reduce my rating to one star.
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message 1: by Linda (new)

Linda Harkins So, Pete, how do you plan to use all of this reading and research on JFK?

message 2: by Pete (new) - rated it 1 star

Pete daPixie Linda wrote: "So, Pete, how do you plan to use all of this reading and research on JFK?"Good question Linda! Originally I smelled a rat with the 'lone nut' scenario being repeated,i.e. JFK,RFK, MLK,JWL & JFK Jr mysteries...and being a hippy peacenik I liked all those above names etc. But the JFK case is so multi faceted and fascinating (this book is a perfect example) that one book leads to another few and HELP...I can't get out!
I am keeping an eye out for good books on the latter three names of that above list...until then I'll stay in Dealey Plaza.

message 3: by Linda (new)

Linda Harkins Indeed, it is complex and multifaceted.

message 4: by Pete (last edited Sep 09, 2012 12:52PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Pete daPixie Linda wrote: "Indeed, it is complex and multifaceted."but having said that, researchers over the last 40yrs have cracked the case and most of the secrets have been solved, it's just the 'secret government' in the U.S. still refuses to come clean.

George Presley As individuals we may come close to knowing the truth, but our government will never validate these findings. We will know the motives and the individuals responsible for the plot to kill the president, but we still do not know who the men were that pulled the trigger(s) at the grassy knoll. If I am still alive in 2040 or so, I will be prepared for another disappointment.

message 6: by Pete (new) - rated it 1 star

Pete daPixie George wrote: "As individuals we may come close to knowing the truth, but our government will never validate these findings. We will know the motives and the individuals responsible for the plot to kill the presi..."George, agreed. I can't see my life span reaching 2040! As for Dealey Plaza, it's like X stated in Stone's 'JFK', "it's all a parlour game to keep the public guessing." Grassy Knoll, TSBD, Dal Tex, Records Bldg.,etc. I edit the site so I know it wasn't him.

message 7: by Pete (new) - rated it 1 star

Pete daPixie Judyth wrote: "Wrong. Many witnesses have come forth and we now have an excellent view of what happened. Yes, I have an impassioned voice. i knew this man and loved him."Sure, it is clearly apparent in your book that you claim to have known this man and loved him.
If many witnesses have come forth and you now have an excellent view of what happened (Jeez, after the many years of reading on this case, I wish I could say the same) then it's time to update 'Me & Lee' & lay this evidence before the court of history.
Like many readers, I was just a kid when JFK was killed, I wasn't there. We can only make judgements on this case from what evidence is on the the books that we read. We are all members of our own jury and we reach our own verdicts, not out of any personal malice toward any writer, but from the weight of facts presented, preferably corroborated facts
Judyth we met in Dallas, I wished you well then & I do now. If your claims become concrete historical truths, well that's where it's at....until then my prosecution attorney declares "objection your honour!"

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