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Hearts of Darkness by Kira Brady
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Aug 20, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal, romance, suspense, thriller
Read in August, 2012

"Hearts of Darkness", from author Kira Brady, is a whip-cracking wild ride which blurs genres between urban fantasy and paranormal romance and creates something shockingly new. The bleak, black depths of alternate reality Seattle, WA are the battlegrounds of two powerful shapeshifter clans: the Kivati, whose animal shifters seem to leap from Native American totems, and the Drekar, whose wings are given flight from ancient Norse legends. This parallel universe Seattle is home to the gate between the real world and the other world, a gate which holds back the dead from the land of the living. Into this world comes Kayla Friday, on the heartbreaking mission to identify and claim the body of her dead sister, Desi, who supposedly died from a drug overdose. Kayla is a nurse, and once she sees her sister's body, she knows the death was not due to drugs. Kayla's tragic reunion with her sister is forcefully interrupted, first by sexy wolf shifter Hart, who claims Desi stole a valuable item from his boss and demands its return. Hot on Hart's heels are a group of goons also desperate to recover the missing artifact. Hart needs Kayla's trust so that he can recover the stolen goods and gain his freedom from enslavement by Norgard, the ruthless, soulless ruler of the Drekar. What Hart never imagined was that his own hardened heart would start to thaw from the genuine warmth and spirit of this lovely human woman, and now he must choose between a free life...or the love of a lifetime. Can a were shifter have both? Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance is based on a harsher, darker world with escalated drama and violence. The heightened tension leads to more intense sensual situations. All of these elements combine for a knockout punch, but they have to handled just right to avoid overkill and remain readable. As far as "dark or light" goes, it all depends on the story line and the personality that the author builds within each character. Thanks to talented and imaginative authors, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi, and Urban Fantasy genres continue to cross boundaries and merge storytelling elements in an increasingly delightful feast for fiction lovers! My interest in the subject will draw me to the work, be it light and humorous or dark and compelling. The skill of the author as a storyteller is what will hold my interest in the work. Since Urban Fantasy is futuristic fiction, it's pretty much wide open to speculation. I think it is great fun to take our present reality and amp it up into a decidedly darker view of things to come. "Hearts of Darkness" is the first book in Kira Brady's "Deadglass" series.

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