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Mastiff by Tamora Pierce
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Aug 20, 2012

did not like it
Read in January, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I'm a drama queen; kill me. But I got this book in December, and even from the first entry I was skeptical. The first warning sign was Beka describing her sister 'Dorine'. Um, who? Diona and Lorine happen to be different people. I doubt that Pierce would forget that, let alone Beka.
So that ticked me off, but I pressed forward, positive it would get better.
I was wrong.
The whole book was a snooze. Something was off, totally different. BAD different. I already put up with the absence of Ersken, Kora, Aniki, and Rosto for one whole book. I get that each book should be unique, but... dang.
A big part of my dislike of the story came with the fact that it didn't feel real. It wasn't described in the Beka Cooper way I know and love. It was like she was telling someone else the story and they were writing it down for her, adding in their own little tidbits as they went.
Another point is the... betrayal. Tunstall... he's not crazy that way. Even now I can scarcely believe it. Anyone betting this is all a dream? I really wish it was- I'd get over the lameness and feel relieved that all of those scenes were just a figment of Beka's imagination. And the Farmer issue... It probably doesn't help that I'm a hardcore Rosto/Beka. But I don't like some golden boy showing up. Grrrrr.
I can only come up with one solution for this mess: a ghost writer. My grandmother told me Pierce was still writing books when she was a young librarian. So I guess she needed help maybe? That is the only way I would ever excuse "Mastiff."
So, overall, it sucked. Although I suppose a big thing here is that the first two were so amazing that I was anticipating this one like mad, and paid the price.
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