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Twisted by Sara Shepard
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Aug 20, 2012

really liked it

Twisted, writtten by Sara Shepard, is an ideal mystery and suspenseful read for any teeange girl. In the beginning of the book, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna go on vacation to Jamaica for Spring Break. While there they see, well think they see, Alison DiLaurentis. This is astonishing to them because they believed that she died in a house fire the year before. A series of actions take place and the girl, they thought to be was Alison, threatned the life of Aria. Hanna, trying to defend Aria, accidently pushed the girl off a roof of the hotel they were staying at and fell to her death. The girls coped with what had happened by just pretending it didn't. When they got back home, Emily found out that she was pregnant yet gave the baby up for adoption. She told no one. Along the way, she met Chloe. Chloe's father had some connections for a swimming scholarship for Emily yet the father tried to have sex with her in order to get the scholarship. Chloe found out and thought it was Emily who initiated the relationship and their friendship obviously ended. Aria's boyfriend Noel had been given the opportunity to house an exchange student. The student ended up being a gorgeous female named Klaudia. Klaudia made it clear to Aria that she was out to steal Noel from her. They all went on a skiing trip. Aria and Klaudia somehow found themselves pushing each other on the ski lift and Aria pushed Klaudia out. In the Emergency Room, Klaudia faked amnesia and used it for blackmailing Aria. Hanna was introduced to a photographer who told her that was great model material and told her to meet her at his studio for a private shooting. Hanna was ended up pressured into taking racy photos. Her father being in running for politician at the time was showing the world that he had the "perfect" family. The photographer threatned to break that image of the family making the pictures of Hanna viral, unless she came up with alot of money. Hanna ended up stealing the money out of her father's campaign account and blamed it on a guy that involved with her father's staff. Spencer ended up getting involved with her mother's fiancee's son, who was thought of to be gay, yet the fiancee caught the two in bed together, got the the wrong idea and things got violent. Spencer, freaking out, blurted that the son was gay and the father intentionally hit his son because of it. Later on in the year, the Jamaica accident was on the news and the four girls learned that they had killed not Alison, but an innocent girl named Tabitha.

This book was definetly a quick read. I couldn't wait to turn every single page. I love how Sara Shepard breaks every chapter to focus on one specific girl's life rather than swirling them all up and making it confusing to the reader. I love suspenseful book because they make me actually want to read the book. So, when Shepard mixed in love and relationships, of course, it made it the perfect read for me. I definetly suggest that young teen girl read this series. They won't regret getting themselves wrapped up into the Pretty Little Liars.

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