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The Shattering by Christie Golden
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Aug 20, 2012

really liked it

The Shattering is a prequel novel for the new World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm and explains many of the lore changes that happened in game. It follows many well-known lore characters from the games which most players will know and follows Thrall and Cairne Bloodhoof from the Horde side and Anduin Wrynn for the Alliance, though many more well-known characters from both factions appear along the story.

Christie dose a wonderful job in immersing you in to the characters of Azeroth and the plight that is going on in there world. Both factions are given their own story which occasionally overlaps. The Horde side feels more epic, especially near its conclusion but I found the Alliance side far more engrossing and interesting (I play both factions in game, but my alliance has been swinging more to the, well, Alliance)

The only fault of is that at 350+ pages long it feels like it could have been flushed out more. I for one would have loved to see more set in and around Ironforge and taking more time in introducing and developing Aggra and her relationship with Thrall. I found this to be the problem of Christina other book, Rise of the Lich King, but in this case it is a minor flaw in a very well written book.

The Shattering is a gripping novel from start to finish that really got me in the mood for Cataclysm, and is now a gift for those who are enthralled by the Lore of Warcraft.

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