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Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan
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Aug 18, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: adventure, drama, family, friendship, kidnapping, murder, war

by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Time has passed and the Empyrean is no closer to rescuing the adults from the New Horizon. But treachery abounds. Terrorist attacks,
murder, and distrust now walk and stalk the corridors. Waverly has taken to coping with mechanical problems on the machinery just to
avoid the accusatory stares of the others who blame her for their parents being left behind when they escaped.

When Seth and Max are released from prison, Seth knows that they were set-up for the sabotage aboard the ship. When it is discovered that
someone from the New Horizon may have stowed-away, Waverly is accused of allowing the enemy on-board and Seth is accused of helping him.

The kids aboard the Empyrean are all suffering from the trauma that they have endured and it is evidenced in their behavior. A few are handling the added pressure in a way that would make their parents proud, but most have resorted to bullying and the cruel taunting that children are so adept at passing out to others who are hurting.

Control of the Empyrean is in doubt. Kieran blames Waverly for undermining his Captaincy and refuses to hold an election. When Waverly manages to have an election held for both Captain and for Central Council many think that this is Waverly's attempt to grab power.

When Anne Mather contacts Kieran in an attempt to broker peace between the two ships a course is set into motion that could forever alter New Earth and the colonization effort. What hope is their for the survival of humanity if the very effort to preserve it is at war with itself?

When Spark ends you are literally asking what happens next?!!!

Though many of the characters sink to new depths of cruelty (and they could stand a bar of soap in some mouths) the change is believable and understandable. How many would sink into dispair when the life you know has been striped away, your childhood stolen from you and you have no hope outside of your own limited existence? What is the way out of the darkness? Is it faith in something beyond what we can see? Or is it in your own efforts? These are the questions that are being faced by the survivors on the Empyrean.

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