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The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle
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Aug 17, 2012

it was amazing


The book I have been anxiously awaiting ….THE MIGHTY STORM by SAMANTHA TOWLE !!!

I was a little excited when I received an advanced copy of The Mighty Storm ….ok so I was A LOT excited ………ok ok OK !!! So I may have screamed like a total girl & jumped up & down whilst clapping my hands ……so sue me LOL
Its been a while for me between Rock Star books & Rock Star books are my crack !!! I for 1 was very desperate for a good fix ….OOOOHHHH BOY! DID I GET MY FIX !!!!

OK so I don’t do “spoiler” reviews. In fact I hate spoilers in reviews but I’m going to give u as much as I can because to be honest I AM FREAKING DYING TO TALK ABOUT THIS BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book gripped me & had me emotionally invested in both the characters & the story within the first few chapters.
Not only did I want MORE of the uber sexy tattooed rock god JAKE WETHERS…I know !! hot tattooed rock god …ummm SOLD ! RIGHT ? LOL but I also found TRUDY BENNETT (or Tru as Jake calls her ) extremely relatable , Likable & an all-round awesome chick !
Tru is a smart, sexy music journalist. She is also the beautiful girl next door …literally!!!!
She grew up next door to Jake & after years of being best friends she lost him when his moved with his family to America at the age of 14.  This broke Tru’s heart & geeeez as a 14yr old girl all full of hormones we all know how devastated she would have been …SNIFF…oh I need chocolate just thinking about it . Anyway ….after a short time of being apart they lost contact & Tru never saw or heard from Jake again .Until 12 years later when her boss Vicky landed her the interview of her career with the lead singer of 1 of the biggest rock bands in the world !!.....u gest it THE MIGHTY STORM’s JAKE WETHERS !!!!!


Now that you are a little more excited let me tell you a bit about JAKE hot-as-hell WETHERS!!!
Ok so u get that he is an Uber sexy tattooed rock god  we covered that already!! lol
Just has that larger-than-life Rock Star persona I want sooo much in a fictional character. He is a self-made success, building not only a chart topping rock band but also his own record label .He works hard but PLAYS even harder!! He likes his alcohol, drugs, cigarettes & he is a habitual lady’s man…..hmmm no that’s not right…”lady’s man” sounds to tame ……let’s say he usually turns his sexy smile & fuck-me eyes on a girl & they drop to their knees, magically losing their panties on the way down !!!...yep that’s a better way to describe our Jake ;)

Ok this would be the guys queue to squeal …..or grunt & punch each other in the arm or whatever it is u man type people do . lol

Jake only knows how to play to win. He is in control at all times……….until Tru that is …(“YAY TRU” I say . Score 1 for team vagina woop woop ) he has never wanted something he can’t have & this frustrates Jake !! He is not use to not getting what he wants &his reaction to some of those situations made me want to poke him in the eye with something pointy !!!!!
Now don’t get me wrong !! Jake is not all spoilt bad-boy . He is romantic & warm & sensitive & watching him suffer broke my heart into itty bitty pieces  ..sniff sniff 
But its not just Jake who broke me ….ohhhhhh no !!! Tru !! my poor beautiful Tru !!! see Tru has a “situation” of her own to deal with (I’m calling it the situation coz I don’t want to give too much away . I want you to experience & FEEL IT like I did ) From the moment she fell back into Jakes life some might say she had a choice to make…play it safe or risk it all !!! but I believe she never had a choice . Jake is her heart 

This book has EVERYTHING a great contemporary romance needs !!
An unforgettable romance between two incredibly relatable characters that was beautiful.
There were “catch your breath” moments of angst & drama that made me cry & scream & want to detach emotionally to save myself the pain of suffering with them . But it was impossible!!! I was in way too deep for that !!
There was a cast of minor characters that gave humour & extra life to the story .
OHHHH & there were what I like to call induced “1 handed reading” moments …..You know when you have to hold your kindle in 1 hand coz your other hand is busy …….you know lol…….well you get the idea. Teehee…..What I’m trying to say is the steamy “adult” scenes are hotter than a BBQ plate left in the sun on an Aussie summers day !!!!! 
& to top it off it has a hot gay man that can dance up a storm (& I want him to be my BFF ) who saved me (&Tru) from losing my mind & stopped my hiccuppy sob fests on more than 1 occasion ……….oh bless you Stuart for being there for us !!!!
To say that this book affected me emotionally is a gross understatement. I found myself selfishly not wanting release day to come so I didn’t have to share Jake & Tru with the rest of the world. LOL
Its sort of like that awkward moment when you find out that someone else thinks of your BFF as their BFF too !!!! ummmm what ?? NOOO !!! IM NOT SHARING!!! LOL I want to clutch TMS to my chest & growl at anyone who comes near wanting to take a peak 

ALAS!! I must loosen my whits knuckle death grip & let my baby’s go 
& my girls always say “sharing is caring Sali” lol

So this is me letting go & sharing one of the most wonderful books I have read !!!



& if u really want to get the most out of this awesome new release come over to TOTALLYBOOKED Facebook page on release day Friday 24th of August. We are doing a big group read of THE MIGHTY STORM !!! It’s an amazing way to share your reading experience with other like-minded readers . There will also be lots of other special surprises posted about the book & the talented Author SAMMANTHA TOWLE . Sam will also be there to chat with her 
Looking forward to seeing u all there 

Oh, and another thing...sorry, I'll finish in a minute. I've noticed a couple of comments on here referring to this book as being "just like Thoughtless" and I want to make a call on that right now. It isn't !
It has Jake, lead singer of a band and a love triangle and that's where the similarities end! This book is totally different in feel and execution. Read it and see for yourself!

LOL OK I PROMISE IM DONE NOW :) go get ready for a read-a-thon party with us on friday !!!!
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Jenny - TotallybookedBlog ha! Nothing like a Sali review! Great review! x

Sali THAMKS MAMA BEAR :).....& did u see i only swore ONCE !!! that has got to be a record 4 me .....i thought that would make u proud lol

message 4: by Shelley (new) - added it

Shelley Sali I love your reviews!

Lise *friends don't flag* Yes, love this review!

Sali Thanku Shelley & Lise !!!!
I absolutely luv luv luv that u enjoyed the review :)
Had a lot of fun writing this 1 ....coz the book is freakin awesome !

Shelley I'm looking forward to her hearing what u think .....;)

Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads Awesome review!!!! I loved it!

Sali thanks mate :) !!!!!!

message 9: by Shelley (new) - added it

Shelley Sali wrote: "Thanku Shelley & Lise !!!!
I absolutely luv luv luv that u enjoyed the review :)
Had a lot of fun writing this 1 ....coz the book is freakin awesome !

Shelley I'm looking forward to her hearing wh..."

Mines up too:)

message 10: by Sali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sali OWWW IM ON IT !!!!

Simone OMGosh! I cannot wait to read this now!!
You're a funny girl Sali.
Loved your review xo

chhase1302 I'm reading this book bcs of you, you're hilarious lol

message 13: by Sali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sali Simone wrote: "OMGosh! I cannot wait to read this now!!
You're a funny girl Sali.
Loved your review xo"

now stop reading my reply & go read this book mate lol

message 14: by Sali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sali chhase1302 wrote: "I'm reading this book bcs of you, you're hilarious lol"

chhase !!!! u have made my day :) I just got a total reviewers buzz knowing that my review made u pick up THIS FUCKING AWESOME BOOK !!!! :) thanks mate ;)

i hope u enjoyed it as much as i did ......especially those "1 handed reading moments" lol

Nissy "You know when you have to hold your kindle in 1 hand coz your other hand is busy", I laughed so hard while loving ur review. I'm def picking up this book.

message 16: by Sali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sali Nissy wrote: ""You know when you have to hold your kindle in 1 hand coz your other hand is busy", I laughed so hard while loving ur review. I'm def picking up this book."


Nissy Finished the book today, Oh man, I absolutely fell in-love with Jake. What a freaking emotional roller-coaster. This book made me laugh, made me squirm and made me bawl my eyes out.
WiLL begging Tru at Callo's, oh Lord have mercy, I wanted to hate her but Jake in the hotel on his just...WOW. Thank you for your review. Its one of those books that makes me want to have a one day amnesia, so I can read it all over again for the first time lol. Heading to see what else you have on your list.
Thank You Sali

message 18: by Jill (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jill you just convinced me to read this book, well done you, great review.

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