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The Invisible Chains - Part 1 by Andrew Ashling
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Aug 17, 2012

really liked it

I picked up the book because of the promise of high fantasy with a heavy M/M flavor. The high fantasy was amazing-the world is complex and is mostly well explained. I only found myself slightly confused at the histories of some parts of the realm. There are also a plethora of characters, all of whom are fun and enjoyable to read, even if you find yourself wanting them dead. I'm not certain what role each of them play in the grand scheme, but with three more books in the series to read, its too early to decide if a few are superfluous.

The M/M content was a bit adjacent to what I was looking for, though. The only sex scenes that are described in detail are rape scenes-one violent, one less so but equally disturbing. This is not a light, fluffy erotic read. I'm no stranger to angst, but I prefer my sex scenes of the less rapey sort and I really dislike BDSM-ish master-slave relationships. I was a bit disappointed in that regard. I would also have preferred more sexual tension, but we don't see much of that.

That aside, it is interesting to see how the relationship changes the main characters, and I am eager to read more of Anaxantis's story and how he becomes a leader. I just can't help wishing that the M/M flavor in the book had taken a different path.

Also, there are some issues of craft, especially near the beginning where the book has a lot of telling language and info dumping that was a bit jarring. The author also headhops, which I'm guessing is a narrative choice but is one I don't tend to like. It improves as the book goes on, though, and I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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