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The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin
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Aug 17, 2012

it was ok

I found this book quite boring, even compared to von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods. The introduction went on for a looong time, although I suppose that was a necessity. I knew hardly anything about the fertile crescent and its civilisations (sumer, arcadia, etc) before reading, and I consider myself quite well read in stuff like that. It’s quite indicative of the author that the introduction, despite its length was actually more fun than the literature-analysis proper. Basically I found most of Sitchin’s points to be taking his sources too literally. Three quotes to illustrate:

{great introduction and intriguing suggestions}
This pertains not only to the very sophisticated astronomical methods that were used - who in ancient Sumer really needed to establish a celestial equator, for example? - but also to a variety of elaborate texts that dealt with the measurement of distances between stars.
Astronomical information from ancient times contained in hundreds of detailed texts lists celestial bodies, neatly arranged by their celestial order or by the gods or the months or the lands or the constellations with which they were associated. One such text, analyzed by Ernst F. Weidner (Handbuch der Babylonischen Astronomie), has come to be called "The Great Star List." It listed in five columns tens of celestial bodies as related to one another, to months, countries, and deities. Another text listed cor-rectly the main stars in the zodiacal constellations. A text indexed as B.M.86378 arranged (in its unbroken part) seventy-one celestial bodies by their location in the heavens; and so on and on and on.

{poor follow-through over-analysing texts}
“When to the Primeval Source for assembly you shall ascend, There shall be a restplace for the night to receive you all. When from the Heavens for assembly you shall descend, There shall be a restplace for the night to receive you all.”
Realizing that such two-way travel between Earth and the Heavenly Abode was both contemplated and practiced, the people of Sumer did not exile their gods to distant galaxies. The Abode of the Gods, their legacy discloses, was within our own solar system.

Since other epithets described Marduk as the "Great Heavenly Body" and the "One Who Illumines," the theory was advanced that Marduk was a Babylonian Sun God, parallel to the Egyptian god Ra, whom the scholars also considered a Sun God. Texts describing Marduk as he "who scans the heights of the distant heavens . . . wearing a halo whose brilliance is awe-inspiring" appeared to support this theoiy. But the same text continued to say that "he surveys the lands like Shamash [the Sun]." If Marduk was in some respects akin to the Sun, he could not, of course, be the Sun.

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message 1: by David (new) - added it

David Shires If you think you're well read on this stuff, as you say, how the hell were you not aware of the Fertile Crescent? The beginning is long because it is telling you of the lineage of the kings and how long they ruled, some for 36000 years! You know, the whole whom begat whom shit the bible even tells you about. Such as Abraham, who was born during this time period and is included in the bible. The land of Ur. Ring any bells? Ninevah? Sumer? These are all real places that have been discovered to be true factual places. If you can't put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4, then your simpleton assed view should be removed. How about this, learn to decipher Cuneiform, and read And write Hebrew and Arabic and see if you can translate in a more fun(less boring) manner. That's what I thought. Until you have the credentials to back it up keep your mind numbing responses with the rest of the school kids in the back of the retard bus. I bet you're waiting for the gvmt to tell you it's true. The same gvmnts that had the relics and artifacts stolen and destroyed in the first place, idiot! I will give you this, at least you actually read some of the book, if not all. Props for that

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