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The Trinity Game by Sean Chercover
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Aug 17, 2012

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This is the first contemporary book I've read in looong time. I took the bait when Amazon offered a healthy pre-publication discount and checked out the reviews.

The main character is a televangelist (Tim Trinity) who is also a grifter. [I know that combo is pretty far-fetched! ;-) Work with me.] Suddenly he has the ability to speak in tongues in such a way that when played backwards and slowed down a third (i.e. .666 - get it?), gives accurate prophesies ranging from disasters to proper gumbo recipes. This new ability takes him by surprise and alienates him from a bunch of folks including the Catholic church, the mafia, and some secret society types.

The other main character - Daniel - is a priest who is the top investigator for the Vatican's Office of Devil's Advocacy. The ODA is charged with exposing such frauds. Oh, and Daniel is Rev. Trinity's nephew.

The story was entertaining enough, I suppose. I was unsatisfied with the ending as the plot was not fully resolved and [Spoiler alert] Rev. Trinity's ability was probably due to a brain tumor. This device was stolen from a John Travolta movie! Shame!

I was also disappointed with how the clergy was depicted. They dropped more F-bombs than any other group. No surprise at such unspiritual behavior from either participants or bystanders. Really, the mafia acted with more honor - which was probably the author's intent. Of course, different flavors of religion were covered with the predictable - and boring - conclusion that they're pretty much all the same. Never mind the inaccurate theology! These priests weren't very good apologists.

Ultimately, the mafia's presence was pretty inconsequential. The book was probably running thin and needed some material.

At least I wasn't bored! That would've been a sin!

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