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Essential X-Men, Vol. 6 by Chris Claremont
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Dec 05, 2008

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I have never read either Secret Wars events. But what I know about the two series is that the first was a good way of doing a crossover event. It was separate from everything else though it affected some of the major characters involved. However if you completely missed the series you would be alright. If it was a terrible series, it's okay cause the book you are following is for the most part alright. Secret Wars II... is a terrible way to do a crossover event. You can't ignore it, the lines you are following are having the events forced upon it. To understand what is going on you feel the necessity to read the series even though from the little you are seeing the series merits more burning then reading. This is very frustrating and consumes way too much of this essential. It also is painful to see how small a view of God many people have.

What you also get is Magneto's international trial. His joining the X-Men, which seems far more relevant to the New Mutants than it does to the X-Men. The culmination of Rachel's Uncanny storyline... which leaves you all kinds of unfulfilled. Unless you hate her, in which case perhaps you are rejoicing. And then the book wraps up with the Mutant Massacre event which I will review mostly separately. There are other smaller events but those are the big arcs.

Claremont is still stripping everything down through this comic. He uses Rachel as a major divisive force. I realize she is quite messed up from the physical and emotional abuse her life endured, but it is hard to see her motivation in somethings. Again, I like the idea of her, if not the execution.

Storm is probably the centerpiece of the whole series' downward spiral. As she goes on her journey of self discovery it seems like the whole series does likewise. I would be interested to at some point hear from Claremont how Watchmen may have influenced some of his destruction.

This book also contains the New Mutants Special and Uncanny Annual #9 which details them going to Asgard (see Asgard Wars review). As well as a Wolverine one-shot story that somehow I think I had never read before... This was done by Barry Windsor-Smith and the art was enjoyed much more than I had the Life-Death stories.

This essential also marks John Romita Jr. passing on the baton. Marc Silvestri should be the next mainstay artist.

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