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New Spring by Robert Jordan
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Aug 16, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

There is a lot of information stored in just one small book. New Spring: The Novel is a prequel that takes you through the beginning of the entire series of The Wheel of Time. Written by Robert Jordan, it explains what the mysterious Aes Sedai are and some of the mysteries that are found inside the White Tower. The book also explains some of the myths and legends found throughout the entire book and the future storyline.

I started the entire series with this book. I came into it with no prior knowledge of the universe it is set in and didn't know the style it was written in. Upon reading the first couple pages, I knew that it will be quite a good book and that I will most definitely have to buy the rest.

The book is filled with witty banter and funny scenes that will connect with everyone's childish side. Also, it really makes you remember times when you where in school and your teachers would be quite strict with you, no matter what you ended up doing. Jordan really transports you to the world of the book with his captivating descriptions and wonderful dialogue. Throughout the story, he introduces new characters with a personality of their own, and makes you love and hate them at the same time.

However, I did find myself lost in all the new information some of the times. A lot of things going by very quickly in the book and you my find yourself not knowing what the characters are talking about when the reference a myth or an item here that is very briefly mentioned at early stages of the book. Some of the things aren't very clearly explained though they are clearly important part of the entire book. It seems that he had wrote it where by reading through some of the main books of the series, you would already know some of the things mentioned in the prequel.

Overall, the book is a good way to enter yourself into the world that Jordan has woven in the other books he has written. It provides you with some insight into some of the more mysterious and less talked about parts of the entire series. However, there are some things that aren't explained completely clearly in the book, and you may have to read it over again once. New Spring: The Novel caught my attention at a local bookstore and it hooked me onto the entire series. Most likely, it will hook you on as well.

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Anthony Nope. The book takes place a while before The Eye.

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