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London Fields by Martin Amis
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Aug 16, 2012

it was ok

I started reading this as soon as I finished Lionel Asbo - we were staying in England and it was on the bookshelf of the house we were in. I guess I was hoping for something similar to Asbo and, as always, you should be careful what you wish for. One of the main characters here is Keith talent, who is pretty much identical to Lionel Asbo in terms of chavness and dislikeability. Nothing much wrong there, except it seems a regurgitation of Asbo's character ... or, chronologically, Asbo is Talent rewritten in 2012 with a bit more humour and the 'what if' of adding one hundred million pounds sterling into the equation. There are other people involved, a woman on a mission to make money from an awfully nice dullard who's married to a spoilt brat of a wife. I've forgotten their names. It doesn't matter. The story uses the device of an author writing a book about these people, who are 'real', and merely reporting on what is going on. It's really as tiresome as it sounds. Every second chapter is about the author wondering what will happen next and how events will play out to, hopefully, his benefit, and it all becomes very stuttery and intermittent and unsatisfactory. I got about half way through and couldn't be bothered any more. So, a bit meh then.

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