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Batman by Frank Miller
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Aug 16, 2012

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It's hard to talk about The Dark Knight Returns.

On the one hand, this is probably the most important Batman comic ever made. It transformed Batman from the goofy campy bullshit Adam West character into the dark, brooding, intelligent Batman that we all know and love. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is tied only with the absolute first appearance of Batman as the paramount creator of the character.

But, uh. That doesn't mean it's the BEST comic.

I had trouble reading through it at times. I think more pagetime is devoted to a retelling (or just plain ol' telling) of events through the News Reporters' viewpoint than anything else. Literally every few pages we're treated to some talking heads, talking about Batman. It's set in The Future (one of the primary villains is a leader of a gang of mutants), so seems a little divorced from traditional Batman canon. The slang is a little off-putting, and the artwork is very... polarizing. I kinda liked it at times, kinda hated it at others. I don't think it's bad artwork, but, I can understand someone's dislike for it.

This belongs in the library of any Batman fan. If you really like Batman, you should read it and learn to appreciate it for its historical significance (which I really cannot undersell). Otherwise, though, I'd steer clear. We all appreciate the Wright Brothers for inventing the airplane, but you wouldn't make a flight in one of their planes, would you?
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