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Chaser by Rick R. Reed
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Aug 16, 2012

it was amazing

I really enjoyed this book and I am so glad I waited for it's sequel so that I can read both books back to back. This is a story about so many things: friendship, love, attraction, honesty, integrity and family.

It is a great story and well paced. Here you have Kevin who really falls hard for Caden but their relationship is interrupted because Caden goes home to look after his sick mother. The real drama starts when Caden returns to find that Kevin has become a 'slim jim' and is no longer the stocky cuddly person of before. Kevin is hurt when Caden becomes cool and confused towards him. What starts as a loving warm relationship full of possibilities hits a brick wall because of Caden's foolishness and I so wanted to smack him upside the head!!.

So Caden has a streak of superficiality within him and so I am not surprised that he managed to stay friends with Mr Superficiality himself - Bobby. Bobby is Caden's vain friend who meets Kevin in the gym while Caden is away and Bobby likes Kevin, but then Bobby likes lots of men. Thus unknown to Caden, Bobby begins to plot to nab Kevin for himself because Bobby knows a good thing when he sees it and he isn't so loyal a friend that he would pass up an opportunity to grab a great guy.

There is then a great misunderstanding fuelled by Bobby's duplicity and Caden's short-sightedness, but love wins in the end!!

Kevin is my hero. He knows he really likes Caden and he waits for him to return from visiting his mother, losing weight in the meantime. And what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Why he should remain fat risking heart attack, stoke, high blood pressure (need I say more) in the future when with discipline and determination he can improve his health. I really felt his pain and disappointment when his achievement was not even acknowledged by Caden.

As for Caden, I want to give him a good kick up the backside, both he and Bobby deserved each other because they were both somewhat superficial in their approach towards men, setting physical appearance before anything else and neglecting to pay attention to the heart. Neither of them deserved Kevin. The fact that Caden and Bobby were friends said a lot. Birds of a feather.......

But all's well that ends well. I was glad when Caden managed to come to his senses and recognise the worth of Kevin and the superficiality and dishonesty of his so called best friend Bobby. It was a harsh lesson but one that was good for Caden to learn.

A lovely story which also had a strong sense of place. I know the author and could feel parts of his life seeping into the story his love: for Chicago, for staying fit, for animals especially Boston Terriers, for cooking and for friends and family. All these aspects combined with excellent writing and just made a beautiful and engaging story thoroughly enjoyable.

I can now move on to the sequel and hopefully redemption for Bobby after some necessary soul searching and a good kicking in the seat of his pants. A great read!!
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