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The Diviners by Libba Bray
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Aug 16, 2012

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I do like Libba Bray, but I enjoy the books that display her snarky, sarcastic humor more than I like her historical fiction. Basically, her historical fiction is not as funny, and is in a darker vein. Neither of those things is necessarily bad, I just don't enjoy them as much.

The book begins slowly, with characters who never show up again, but who MAY be part of the reason evil is loosed on the world. We all know how dangerous ouiji boards are.

Actually, most of the characters we meet in the book itself, are interesting, even if we can't always figure out what their purpose is, or their relationship to each other.

Mostly, we focus on Evie, who is not exactly the nicest person you've ever met, being pretty self- centered and thoughtless. She IS entertaining though, with her reliance on slang and desire to drink and party as much as possible. She wants to be the ultimate flapper. It is rather funny that her parents send her in disgrace from her small town in Ohio to be reformed by her batchelor uncle in New York City. (What were they thinking?) The crime that exiled Evie to New York was an ill-advised display of her ability to read the past from objects. When she told the party goers how one of them got a girl "in trouble", her parents decided it was time for her to go. Her uncle's museum in NYC is dedicated to the occult, so Evie actually fits right in.

The real heart of the story is a spate of grisly murders that seem to have an occult connection that Uncle Will is asked to consult on. Of course, Evie has to get involved, too, and sees the concurrent media buzz as a great opportunity to gather much needed publicity for the museum, and herself.

There are many more characters, and a much wider focus, than I have mentioned here. The ambiance of the twenties shines through, and we get a fine feel for the attitudes and interests of the times. I am sure I will be reading the sequel.

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