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The Wrath of Mulgarath by Holly Black
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Aug 15, 2012

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This was my favourite out of them all, I don't know whether the return of the griffin was the reason or whether it was the story, either way it was pretty good.

The story starts with an unexpected event and these three children who have kept secrets from their mother are now facing their greatest challenge. I must say this is pretty good for two nine year olds and a thirteen year old. And considering what they see and what they have done I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't scarred for life. But everything is justifiable and children are resilient so it will all be fine.

In the final book of the chronicle the children face off against the dreaded ogre Mulgarath who appeared at the end of book four. The story is adventure from the starting page and the real reason for the fuss about the Guide is finally revealed. Jared, Simon and Mallory fight to prevent Mulgarath's plan to succeed and do so in a very brave manner. It depends here what your stance on certain magical creatures you are, whether you take their gentle interpretations or the vicious ones will stem your reaction to some of these events, but within the context it is us against them.

I was surprised by some of Jared's opinions of his father, he does seem to dislike him a lot which was interesting coming from a nine year old, but as we've been told through each book, he is very angry at his dad and the world. You do feel sorry for Jared sometimes, he sure gets blamed for a lot, I'm surprised he'd want to save anyone after the way they treated him.

The ending of this book is very sweet, it concludes nicely with a nice turn around from all the battles and violence and wraps up everything. This chronicle can be read within two and a half hours so it's pretty good. There is an even spread across all five and it is not rushed nor does it lag. You are told things as you need them and by the end it is nice to see the children fight hard for what they want. These children demonstrate that kids can be quick witted and outsmart things that are shown to be bigger, meaner and scarier than themselves and it is not all about might, nor is it about sugar coating the drama and danger.

And I do know I kept forgetting to mention that Tony Diterlizzi also wrote these books but Holly's name was first and it was easier :) So apologies Tony.

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