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Unleashed by the Moon by L.P. Dover
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I'm a hard sell on this series. I've given a few of the books a try, and I'm not really blown away. I'd say, if anything, I'm okay with these stories. But nothing more than just okay with them--which is sad because I love shifter books. They are my kryptonite.

As the last full-blooded unmated Royal shifter female, Faith Storm has been sheltered all her life. Her protector, Micah, kept her safe from threats, but that means his life has been on hold while she's waited for her mate.

When a threat shows in the form of Killian Vilkas, Faith is chased from her home, separated from her sense of comfort. All she has known is gone. Suddenly Faith is out amongst the packs, and the Royal Arctic Wolf finally has the chance to find her mate. But she falls in love with an Alpha before she recognizes who her mate is.

Unleashed by the Moon and Turn of the Moon have many parallels. The sisters, the mates, and the villains are all quite similar to each other. Bailey and Faith both must run from their homes under the threat of the villain. The Villains both try to manipulate and control the women when they get them. Both villains have witches working with them. And the sisters each run to their mates' territory, not knowing that the men they are running to are their mates. The final showdown is an ultimate battle of force in both books.

I'm not saying that this book isn't worth reading if you've read the first. It's just derivative, and I dislike putting my time into reading a book by an author that is so similar to another of the same. Still, these stories aren't bad. They don't do a whole lot for me. I recommend them to other people, just not to people who like the same books that I do. I'm sure that people out there will eat up these shifter books like they are candy because, SHIFTER BOOKS, and I'm not the only one for whom they are kryptonite.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

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