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Marrying Up by Wendy  Holden
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Aug 14, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, fiction, chick-lit
Read from August 14 to 15, 2012

For me, Summer is the time to read fun, frothy books like Marrying Up. It's too hot to focus on anything too heavy. Is this book life-changing? No, probably not (unless you've been thinking of hopping a plane to England and trying to jump into the wonderful world of English high society). One thing I can say is that you're going to certainly have a lot of fun diving in to the world of this book. Marrying Up is part comedy of manners, part comedy of classes, part desperation, and part social commentary.

While I would not be one to relish the sort of social climbing that Alexa and Florrie engage in the book, it was sort of fascinating to see. This story takes place in England where social climbing is just a little bit different from the United States. While America has its own brand of social wisteria, we don't really have titles here, although I guess people here get a little tied on to last names (your Rockefellers, Kennedys, etc.). On the other hand, England is rife with titles, which is exactly what Alexa and Florrie are after. The titles definitely made it a little more exotic to me.

Polly wins as my favorite character hands down, probably because she's the most normal and down to earth character (ok, so is Max but I felt that Polly was a lot more well rounded as a character). She's seems to be a rock of calm in a sea of crazy people in a lot of cases during the book.

One feature that I really liked about the book is the names of the people of the book. Holden comes up with some truly ridiculous names in the book. In a way, they reminded me a lot of some of the names that you find in Charles Dickens books. The names almost seem to describe the people in one way or another. It was an interesting feature. You can kind of tell that Holden is being very tongue in cheek about it.

There were a couple holes here and there but they really did not take away from what the book is, a fun read that definitely does not take itself too seriously. This is the best kind of chick-lit (talk about a loaded term). It's a fun book for summer when you're looking for a book to keep you company and give you a giggle or two.

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