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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
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it was amazing
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Me and my sister, who is the coolest sister ever, got this for each other for Channukah one year. I mean, we didn't buy two; we split one copy to share, because we grew up on Calvin & Hobbes, and we even still communicate in Calvin & Hobbes sometimes, where one of us will describe the first panel of a strip, and the other will answer with a description of the last panel. The one about the smocks (where they're supposed to be sculpting and Hobbes gets obsessed with the smock and the last panel is him going "Smock smock smock smock smock," and an incredulous Calvin is all, "What on earth is wrong with you?!?") will still collapse us into giggles until we weep.

In case you are less obsessed than we are, here is the one I mean:

And in case you doubt my eternal devotion, I did this for my birthday this past year:


Anyway, my sis & I even built a special shelf in my apartment for this book to rest its glowing head upon. BUT, because I am almost unbearably lame, I have yet to take it off of its perch and read it. Why? Perhaps because I am so in awe of Bill Watterson that I am afraid to sully its glorious pages with my dirty fingertips. Perhaps because merely to behold it brings me more joy than reading almost anything probably could. Perhaps.

But eventually I will read it. And I will love it more than probably any other book in my library.

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message 1: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy I totally agree. Calvin and Hobbes transcends the idea of "a mere comic strip". Love!

Oriana look what I found today! soooo apropos: http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/te...

message 3: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy They've transmogrified themselves into lunch! Yum!

Oriana hahaha yes!

message 5: by Tuck (new)

Tuck be careful with them. the books are rarer than one would think.

Oriana oh rly? I'm actually really surprised to hear that.

message 7: by Tuck (new)

Tuck i know. i guess he has "exclusive printing" from his kansas city publisher Andrews and McMeel, so but baker and taylor have some turtle back ones and paw print ones, where they put a "hardcover" around the content and have a new isbn. so you can get those. but the "originals" with andrews mcmeel printed, and watterson covers etc are hard to get a hold of.

Oriana huh. crazy.

message 9: by Nafiza (new)

Nafiza Oh my god, I want this.

Oriana Yes. Yes you do.

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Ochoa I love that you share this with your sister. My sister and I too loved Calvin and Hobbes. One of the few things we could agree on at that time (our teen years) lol! My dad used to clip them from the paper for us. Great review and thanks for the trip down memory lane!

message 12: by Oriana (last edited Jul 16, 2018 02:03PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Oriana Aw, I love that! I know so many siblings for whom that was true.

message 13: by Cole Klotz (new)

Cole Klotz wear gloves

message 14: by Gabbie (new) - added it

Gabbie You guys win. You're the best.

Oriana Haha yayyyyyy!

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