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Star Station by J.Z. Colby
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Aug 13, 2012

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This story is available in these editions:
EBOOK for the Kindle, Mobipocket
EPUB for the iPad, Sony, Nook, etc.
MEDIUM PRINT paperback, 12-point type, 6" x 9"
LARGE PRINT paperback, 18-point type, 8" x 10"
GLOBAL paperback, 10-point type, 6" x 9"
GLOBAL/LIBRARY hardcover, 10-point type, 6" x 9"

The companion study guide is available in one edition:
DEEP LEARNING NOTES, paperback, 12-point type, 5" x 8"

This story, along with its Deep Learning Notes, is included in:
TRILOGY TWO, hardcover, 10-point type, 6" x 9"
TRILOGY TWO, Young Star-Seekers Edition, paperback, 12-point type, 7" x 10"

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Quotes J.Z. Liked

J.Z. Colby
“It is not the purpose of the universe to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's a mortal preoccupation, especially strong in monkey mammals, but we all feel it to one degree or another ...”
J.Z. Colby, Star Station

J.Z. Colby
“We only refer to sapient creatures as civilized when their society is willingly self-correcting. That means that any problem or imbalance that arises is fixed, and I mean really fixed - not ignored, not hidden, and not passed off to a future generation.”
J.Z. Colby, Star Station

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