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My Brother's Best Friend by Aiden Bates
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Here we go:

Plot: 3.5 stars -- I read these as one cluster (all the brothers together), and the plots are very similar in a couple of ways: 1) they all start out with a conflict of some sort, and 2) they all end with another conflict of some sort. So far, I like the original conflicts and find them realistic and nicely resolved (for the most part). But for the 2nd ... not so much. In this case, Jamie has a huge crush on Nico (and has since he was a teenager), but now that he's finishing up law school, his brother's firm with Nico is his best bet for a solid job. But he's not sure he can work with Nico after crushing on him for so long (1st conflict). Of course, Nico now sees the adult Jamie and is intrigued ... (view spoiler) That said, I still enjoyed the overall tension that was present throughout, and I was definitely compelled to keep reading!

Main Characters: 3.5 stars -- Jamie was interesting, and he made for a solid narrator. Nico wasn't quite as well-rounded (or fleshed out). Still, I thought they worked pretty well together.

Smut Level: way too high -- this is my least favorite aspect of these books, and I ended up skipping pretty much every sex scene. They were not only too graphic and too long, but they incorporated dirty talk (which felt contrived every time), which I pretty much despise. Each book also had at least one long masturbation scene, as well, which is also not my thing.

Romance: 4 stars -- I liked the romance between Nico and Jamie, and I felt like Nico's new awareness of Jamie was an interesting balance to Jamie's long-standing crush on Nico (it's not creepy to me because Jamie and Nico haven't seen each other for many years -- so Nico's kind of been Jamie's ideal -- but Jamie hears about him from his brother Saint, since they work together).

World/Setting: 2.5 stars -- here's another weakness of the books (which should be a strength): so these are about 6 (out of 8) brothers. All six are gay; the two who aren't are basically stand-ins. They have no personality at all, and we don't get to know them at all, even though all eight brothers are supposed to be extremely close. On top of that, we don't really get to know the birth order or their ages. There are a few hints: Kairo is the oldest (that's mentioned many times); Saint turns 33 in his book; Grady turns 32 in his (a couple months later?); Adrian is the youngest, and I believe it's stated he's just finishing up college (for dentistry -- so 22? 23?); Jamie is 6 years younger than Saint (so we'd assume 27); Leo was a junior in high school 7 years ago when things went south with him and Shayne, which would make him around 24. That would put Mason and Julian (the straight brothers) in between Grady and Jamie ... maybe? Yeah, it's kind of like one of those logic puzzles. Add to this the mythical parents, who are certainly mentioned (and even included, especially the mom), but who don't really have any role at all. They're there to make the money, decorate the large (glass-filled) mansion, and ... that's about it. And my final complaint -- we have no idea how to distinguish between these brothers. Their personalities are marginally different, but the only description we ever get of their physical appearance is 'blond and blue-eyed, just like their dad.' And although it's mentioned many times that the brothers are close, we don't ever get to see much of that. Ugh -- it just irritated me.

Overall: 3 stars

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