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The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer
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Aug 13, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** It has finally ended. After 10 long years of waiting, the Artemis Fowl series has finally ended with grand finale that had left with a piece of my heart. Once I got my hands on a copy of the Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian, I was whooping up and down in joy getting my latest Artemis Fowl fix. But then I was brought back down to earth realizing that this would be the end of the journey of a lifetime.

I was 12-years-old again, there with Artemis when he concocted the perfect fairy-napping plan. A year later, I was back with him, now with Holly at his side, in the journey of saving his long lost father. I was with him when his C Cube was stolen, when the Opal character first came to the surface. I was overjoyed when he came to the good side after he saved Holly who was trapped in Limbo, when he tried his best to save his mother from dying. There was hopelessness when he was overwrought with Atlantis Complex and finally, finally, it was the bid of final goodbye in the Last Guardian that finally made me realize that I have long since regard Artemis as a dear friend, along with Holly, Butler, Juliet, even Mulch. Not to forget the adorable twins, Myles and Beckett. I'm shedding tears right now.

My childhood with Artemis, growing up hating him, respecting him and now holding his character dearly to my heart, I couldn't start reading. I felt that the nearer I get to the last pages of the book, I would stop just to suspend the moment of truth, even just for a while. But borrowing the words of Artemis, it is a redundant thought. It is inevitable that a story has an end. In the end, curiosity and the thought of going on journey with Artemis and co again induced me to read the book.

And I was not disappointed. The thing that drew me to the series in the first place was the well-placed wit and humor. I like to think that Eoin Colfer was a bit of a genius himself. The way he added twists in the story, as well bringing out the life in his characters makes you read through pages and pages non-stop. Every time I get a hold of a Artemis Fowl book, I would surely read the book until the last dreaded pages. It was no different this time.

All the characters were in the last book sans Mr and Mrs Fowl. And all the characters were wonderfully written. The growth in Artemis character especially amazes me. From someone who has little to no emotion during the first series, he has become someone very expressive towards the end and I approve. An apathetic main character throughout the books would have serve no purpose in drawing people in. And Holly, she is a role model. I almost wished that Eoin had inserted a little romantic spurt between those two. Almost.

And the grand finale was definitely what it is: a grand finale. I could never imagine that Artemis had it within him any selflessness. But getting to know him from book to book, I wasn't really surprised with his sacrifice. I even expected him to make the most ultimate sacrifice. What I didn't expect was the fact that he outwit even death, though he has done that several times on other people, namely Butler. But to actually die, become a ghost, and come back to life within a clone, no less, that takes the icing off the cake. Really. I would never have peg on that. Eoin Colfer, I salute you.

There's that. And I could never imagine a better ending than with a final stunt like that. Farewell to ten long years of friendship. I bid you so long, Artemis. Until we meet again. Au revoir.

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