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Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell
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MMA fighter Reid Andrews has a torn rotator cuff and he needs it healed asap so he can get back in the cage and win his title back. He is sent to physical therapist Lucinda Miller and is surprised to find that she is his best friend's little sister. He remembers her as Lucie Maris and a gangly little teenager. Lucie is all grown up and Reid is thrown off by how attracted he is to her. Lucie is in love with an orthopedic doctor who doesn't seem to notice her except as a good friend. Reid offers to teach her how to get noticed if she will take off work and devote all her time to his physical therapy. What Reid and Lucie don't count on is the strength of the attraction between the two of them when they are together.

I just loved this book. I didn't want it to end. Reid was a great character. He was a good mix of famous fighter, player and sensitive artist. He was funny and confident and you couldn't help falling in love with him even in the end when he made a stupid decision. Because you knew that decision was tearing him up and he thought he was doing what was best.

Lucie, was such a lovable character. She was so honest and innocent. A lot of times the females in the stories do stuff that annoy me, but I honestly loved Lucie. She was such a refreshing character to read about. Her reactions to Reid made me laugh a number of times. I loved it when he would make a lewd joke or comment and she wouldn't get it right away, Reid would raise an eyebrow and wait for her to catch up with his thoughts. It was so cute. She was so cute. I really enjoyed her character.

I wish the story wasn't so short, like I said earlier I didn't want it to end. I wanted more Lucie and Reid. I liked the conflict but I wish we could have read about Reid's fight, maybe started it through Reids perspective and then switched to Lucie's as she watched it. I was really hoping for some cage action in this story, punches and kicks and blood and wrestling around on the floor. Oh well. There were plenty of physical scenes between Reid and Lucie no punches or kicks or blood, but some wrestling around on the floor took place. The love scenes were nicely written. There was just enough anticipation and build up to make you crave their coupling. Their last night together was especially good. I could feel the passion and love the characters felt for each other. It wasn't too long or graphic, it was just perfect in my opinion. Just the right amount of steamy. I also loved the changing perspectives. You really get to read most of the story through both of their perspectives because the author switches points of view at the perfect moments.

I thought Lucie's friend Vanessa was great! She was so funny. I would LOVE to read a story about her falling in love with Lucie's brother Jackson perhaps... Jackson finds out about Reid and Lucie and comes home to find out why his best friend is macking on his little sister and give him a beat down only to meet and fall in love with Vanessa. Because Jackson breaks a number of Vanessa's "rules" for dating. I would love that story I think. So please Gina L Maxwell write it. haha I know thats not how it works, but I can dream right?


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