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Call Me Wild by Robin Kaye
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Aug 13, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2012

Jessica ( Jessie) James is living her dream as a sports reporter when she gets an electronic pink slip and ends up temporarily living in Boise, Idaho. Jessie has never been in love with anyone and doesn’t believe that she ever will be. She thinks love is really just lust that has turned into settling down.
Fisher Kincaid is a physician in Boise who meets Jessie in the local Starbucks. To say that he doesn’t make a good first impression is an understatement. Running into Jessie in local haunts doesn’t change things as she becomes convinced that he is a not so smart, lazy, stalker type.
The Kincaid family is tight and Fisher’s twin brother has recently fallen in love and gotten married, leaving Fisher feeling unsettled. His sister, Karma, thinks it will be fun to set Jessie and Fisher up and tricks them into going to a family home in the mountains. After an initial blow up when they meet up, things settle down and both Jessie and Fisher discover that there is a lot to like about each other. The path to true love isn’t easy, injuries happen, feelings get hurt, and things look pretty bad for the relationship. But, it works out after both parties learn a little bit about themselves and each other. The fact that they burn up the sheets whenever they are together helps them get through the bad stuff.
The old romance plot-I’ll teach you to be romantic- makes an appearance but in a unique set up that makes it fresh and workable. Jessie and Fisher are really cute together and have a surprisingly similar outlook on love. He is just a little more pleasant about it. I enjoyed his interactions with his family members. The brothers are a hoot, forcing him to take knitting lessons after he loses a bet, barging in when he is home in bed with Jessie, and otherwise making his life miserable. Unfortunately, they also open one of Jessie’s hidden scars when they find her in bed with Fisher the first time and make some insensitive remarks. For the most part both Jessie and Fisher find themselves the recipients of lots of advice and snarky remarks from their immediate circle of family and friends.
There are two earlier books in the series and with two unmatched siblings; it seems likely that there will be two more. I hope so, because I will certainly read them.

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